Advancements in Alzheimer Disease Featuring Dr. Faizi Ahmed!

Alzheimer’s disease is a condition that has perplexed the medical community since its discovery. With over 50 million affected, there is still no cure for this debilitating disease. The cause is not fully understood with many Doctors tying it to a genetic condition and others to environmental influences and while today’s medicines have helped slow its advancement, Doctors and researchers still have great ground to cover to win the battle against Alzheimer disease. Our guest today was Dr. Faizi Ahmed, a Neuropsychiatrist who specializes in the treatment of Alzheimer disease and dementia and is an Affiliate Assistant Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Neurosciences at the University of South Florida. He runs an independent neuropsychiatry clinic in South Tampa where he treats primary patients with dementia and brain injuries.

Dr. Ahmed takes us through the basics of Alzheimers and dementia on this segment of That Business Show and we learn that Alzheimers disease is a form of dementia and that dementia is a broad category encompassing many degenerative brain disorders. AD makes up about 60 or 70 percent of the dementia cases. The early signs are short term memory loss and diagnosis is often delayed and written off as normal aging. Once diagnosed, the condition is often severe and prognosis bleak. Dr. Ahmed goes on to explain though that while the consensus of the medical community is that the condition is poorly understood, his colleague Dr. Dale Bredesen has pioneered leading research on the treatment of the condition.

Dr. Ahmed shares with us how he discovered Dr. Bredesen’s paper and it influenced him to such a degree that he decided to travel and study with Dr. Bredesen and now practices his treatment methods in the Tampa Bay community. In short, Dr. Ahmed explains that AD is not caused by one thing but a variety of imbalances in the body and brain. Proper treatment of AD requires multiple treatments of differing bodily systems to result in improvement of AD symptoms. It is a time consuming and arduous process and works best on patients in the early stages of the disease only but is showing promise to finding a solution to this devastating condition.

The daily protocol for his program is outlined below:

  • eating a Mediterranean diet high in vegetables and good fats
  • regular cardio exercise
  • fasting at least 12 hours after dinner
  • brain training exercises
  • getting at least 8 hours of sleep
  • a regimen of supplements to address each patient’s deficiencies.

His program resulted in significant improvement in 90% of patients treated and all patients treated in the program saw at least some sort of improvement in their cognitive skills. Dr. Bredesen is now working with the Cleveland Clinic to further advance the studies of the program and Dr. Ahmed is working to promote and develop his research in the Tampa Bay community. If you have or are affected by dementia and AD, it is imperative to act quickly before it advances. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Ahmed if you are in Tampa today at 813-995-1775 or visit for more information and find this entire interview at or video at


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