Fly Higher in Business With Pilot Bank Featuring Hanisha Patel and Wesley Joyner!

Tampa is referred to by many as a small big City. While large in its reach and population, many communities are localized and it seems that all of us are no more than 1 or 2 degrees from separation. I have been fortunate in that I have been able to meet so many of Tampa’s business professionals and can attest to the fact that we are all inter-connected on close levels. Every day I meet someone who tells me that they knew this person or that person who appeared on my radio show and I am thankful for the recognition that the Tampa business community has given to That Business Show and myself.

Being that Tampa is a small big City, it becomes natural then to want to support our local community interests. One of those being our community banks. Our guests today were Hanisha Patel and Wesley Joyner of Pilot Bank. Pilot Bank is a community bank based in Tampa and was founded in 1987. Focusing on customer service and relationships, Pilot Bank has grown into a local powerhouse institution with over $200 Million in assets.

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The bank’s leadership has always believed in strong, long-term relationships, and that approach has helped us to grow.  Our people take the time to engage with customers.  They listen and understand both immediate and long term needs, and they work as a team to go above and beyond in helping customers achieve success.

The bank’s holding company, Pilot Bancshares, Inc. was established in October 1995.  The holding company soon acquired a specialized lending organization called National Aircraft Finance Company (NAFCO).  This partnership added financial strength, diversification, and resilience to the corporation.  NAFCO serves clients across the country by providing specialized and customized financing of general aviation (non-commercial) aircraft, from helicopters to corporate planes.  NAFCO has an affinity relationship with the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association and is a well-known brand throughout the aviation industry.

Pilot Bank’s full suite of financial products and services is designed to help customers manage both personal and business matters as conveniently as possible.  We offer retail and commercial deposit accounts and extensive commercial lending capabilities (including Small Business Administration Loans), as well as access to professional investment services.  Our four financial centers in Tampa are strategically located in South Tampa, New Tampa, Temple Terrace, and Upper Tampa Bay.  A fifth financial center is located in the Lakeland business district.

Wesley shares with the audience his expertise on small business lending and his outlook for 2017. He discusses some of the basics of preparing for a loan application and how the SBA is instrumental in many of the applications. Hanisha elaborates on the bank’s involvement in the community and how they are the bank to go to for aircraft lending, hence the name Pilot Bank! Learn more about them at and consider them a resource for small business loans for your business today!



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