Capturing the Innocence of Infancy Featuring Glenn Nielsen!

The digital age has opened many doors but as the cliché states, when one door opens, another closes. As a child, I can still recall wanting my parents to buy a set of Encyclopedias to eliminate me having to go to the library to do reports for school. I recall fixing my own car without Google or special equipment and I recall asking the sales rep at Walmart where the film went for the first digital camera I ever bought was. Our guest today was Glenn Nielsen, Photographer and Owner of Pics in the Glenn. Glenn has served in the Air Force as a pilot and officer, and worked for many years with Verizon before deciding on a career in photography which was always a hobby of his too.

Glenn speaks of the development of the digital age in cameras and how he along with many other photographers have had to continually learn their art as the standards and practices changed along the way. “Some still prefer film due to its look and quality” states Glenn, but the industry today is almost entirely digital today. The digital age has eliminated the photo albums that decorated the cabinets of many homes and today we store our images inside a phone and hope we never lose the device. Recent advancements have made cloud based apps the norm and is working to preserve our photos for longer times now and I often wonder how far back social media feeds will go in the future. Will we be able to see our grandmother’s pictures on Facebook when she was young?

Glenn’s specialty is working with mothers during their pregnancy and first year of childhood to produce a portfolio package that documents this time period. He likes to work with mothers before pregnancy and then at defined internals along the way from the development of the baby bump to the development of the baby in 3 month intervals over the first year. The result is a priceless and timeless memoir that works to capture the emotion of love between the mother and child.

Below is from Glenn’s site on What to Expect!


Imagine a custom designed, breath-taking album to celebrate the journey on which you and your baby are about to embark.

From the beginning stages of your “baby bump” right up until delivery, monthly progression images will amaze you how much you change. Years from now you’ll be able to revisit the changes that tell the world you are creating life.

Approximately one month before the child is due, we will schedule a maternity photo session with you and your family. Generally, this will be the time when you are getting anxious for the pregnancy to end. You have the excitement of new life and the anticipation of the unknown.

The next miracle we will capture is the newborn session. Because there is a change in your child’s life very quickly after birth, we want to schedule this session 7 to 10 days after the miraculous event. Beyond that time your child changes from a newborn to a baby. We want to capture the unique images that can only be found with the newborn. These precious moments will warm your heart forever.

As your baby reaches three months, six months, nine months, and then the first birthday, we will meet to photograph the unique milestones that mark each anniversary.

Tampa Beginnings will make sure that your maternity and the ever so precious first year of your baby’s life are preserved for you to cherish and value forever.

This is what Tampa Beginnings is all about.

We all love our cell phones and taking pictures, but sometimes you yearn for something special…



With Mom in the picture, not taking the picture

Photo sessions will be conveniently scheduled at your choice of locations, whether that’s your own home, a park, or even the beach. You won’t forget the milestones your baby reaches, and you won’t be tempted to put everything on the back burner because of your busy and hectic life.

Glenn Nielsen, photographer and owner of Tampa Beginnings, understands that creating a new human being is a miracle, and places value on preserving those memories of your pregnancy and baby for a lifetime. There are no do-overs.

Schedule a free consultation today at 813-540-4200 or contact Glenn at with any questions you might have.

Glenn Nielsen.jpg

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