Are You Rooting for Team Left or Team Right Featuring Jamie Meloni and Kelly Wilson!

A friend of mine posted today on his wall a line that I found amusing. He was questioning what was wrong with his TV, stating that when he turned it to entertainment channels he heard political talk and when he turned it to news/political stations, he was being entertained. The divide in American politics is front and center on all fronts today and the discourse has turned many of us into political talking heads.

The divide is due in large part to the connected economy that we now live in and the 24 hour news cycles that dominate cable airwaves. Prior to cable, news was served up in small portions and only pertinent information was dispensed to the masses. Today, the news networks need to fill time and news has morphed into a mixture of journalism and opinion with the latter taking up most of the space.

These news networks have created the “team” mentality in people too. You are either on Team Left or Team Right. The expectation and the reality is that people will root and support their team no matter how good or bad their team is doing. It’s like Sports! In Sports that’s a good thing, but in politics, it is a very bad thing. Voting across party lines or supporting people with a different letter beside their name costs people friends and leads to violence in todays connected economy. Rational though has yielded to the team mentality and it is only working to divide the Country across party lines. Caution must be exercised to avoid the continuation of this mindset or a 2nd Civil War will be the end result.

Please challenge opinion and review facts. Offer solutions, not complaints. Avoid getting your news from only one source and be open-minded to the ideas and opinions of the opposing team. Get involved in local government and voice your own ideas and opinions and be mindful of the drivers of your voice. Is it your own voice or are you being influenced by an influencer such as a good friend or a loved one? So often we see people side on opinions not because it is their own thoughts but because of the influence others have over them. Be a leader and get involved!

While That Business Show is not known for political input or opinion, we do from time to time touch on it as we did in the opening segment of today’s show. Whether you agree or disagree, we like to hear from our listeners and viewers too as well as those who read the blogs. Reach out to the show today. You can reach Jamie directly at and you can hear this show and all shows available On Demand at!


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