Empowering Women in Business on #WorkingWomenWednesday Featuring Jessica Rivelli, Yvonne Ulmer and Angela DiLeone!

Entrepreneurs follow a rocky and bumpy path in their lives.  On average, the typical entrepreneur will have 5 ideas before one results in profitability and that is if they get to the 5th idea.  A common bond that runs through most successful entrepreneurs is that they were and did sacrifice everything to succeed in their line of business.  This characteristic was on full display yesterday at the Kickoff Lunch for the Working Women of Tampa Bay where we heard from the Founder of Brownie Brittle, Sheila Mains.  She shared her success story that was full of bumps and bruises including a home foreclosure before landing a contract with Disney that propelled her business to new heights.  Today her company is worth over 30M and we highlighted this on the opening segment of Working Women Wednesday on That Business Show with Jessica Rivelli.  This was one of just many engaging events that the Working Women of Tampa Bay hold each month and you can see their entire calendar of events at www.workingwomenoftampabay.com!

Our next guest on the #MorningDiscussion was Yvonne Ulmer, President and CEO of the YWCA.  Many are familiar with the YMCA and this is a counterpart to that organization.  Run independently of the YMCA, it works to promote women’s empowerment and the elimination of racism.  Yvonne spoke of the needs of the non-profit today stating they need large corporate sponsors in the coming year and are always looking for volunteers from the community to help with their events.  Since her installation as CEO, she has worked to eliminate over $100,000 from the budget but more income and cuts are needed to assist with the organization.

Through programs such as We Girls Rock which assists young women with financial literacy to Conscious Conversation which are talks by industry leaders on engaging issues of today, the YWCA is a critical component of the Tampa Bay community and the only large non-profit that identifies the elimination of racism in its mission statement.   To get involved, learn more at www.ywcaoftampabay.org or give her a call at 727-896-4629!

Rounding out the program was Angela DiLeone, Owner of the VIP Beauty Mobile Salon.  With over 28 years of experience, Angela specializes in “look consulting”.  With the fashion and look trends changing every few months, Angela works to keep you looking your best to make that first impression a lasting impression.  The proper look starts with identifying the facial shape and structure then building around that from the hair and makeup down to the wardrobe.  She works with both men and women and has worked with countless bridal parties as well as celebrities including Wolfgang Puck.  She offers listeners and viewers of the program a free phone consultation on simple ways to improve your professional or personal look if you email her at angela@vipbeautystylist.com and you can see more about Angela at her site www.vipbeautystylist.com or phone at 813-530-5936!  Catch this show daily on Tampa Bay’s #1250WHNZ and then re-broadcast on iTunes and http://www.thatyoutubechannel.com!


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