The Inverse Relationship of Work/Life Balance Featuring Dr. Nancy Wall

I often theorize that the professional and personal worlds of a business professional run inversely to one another. As we age in business, we gain success and typically climb the ladder whereas our personal relationships run south and many suffer from failed relationships and multiple marriages. Those who have found the secret to work-life balance are fortunate as it alludes so many. Our guest today was Nancy Wall who has made a business out of matchmaking and guided both I and Kelly on the basics of work-life balance and how she can help us both still find love in our later years.

Dr. Nancy H. Wall is Tampa Bay’s only Certified Matchmaker and Relationship Coach and is the President and Founder of Tampa Bay MatchMakers, LLC. She is passionate about helping singles connect and through her successfully targeted relationship advice and introductions, numerous life-long partnerships and marriages have resulted. She is a world renowned speaker and facilitator and has inspired thousands of singles and couples. She has been featured on: The New York Times, ABC Action News, Tampa Bays10, My Fox Tampa Bay, and WFLA News Channel 8.

At the age of 39, I myself have been married to my profession(s). Never married and highly independent my entire life, I often believe I have missed my window of opportunity for love. Kelly on the other hand has been successfully married and has two children and now finds herself looking for someone post-marriage. I am of the belief that as you get older, people gravitate towards others more for convenience than love. The need for love and passion is replaced with the need for stability and companionship. An effective relationship marries these together but they tend to tip towards the latter in later years.

Nancy listened to each of our issues and roadblocks and reminds us that it about being ready and open to finding that right person. Unbeknownst to many, we put up our own roadblocks that we can easily take down if we are mindful of the fact they are self-inflicted. Over the past 10 years, Nancy has worked and placed countless couples together and has helped them work through a variety of roadblocks to finding love and happiness. She has an extensive database of Tampa based singles and it is only $99 to be included in the database to be found. Her services go deeper with personal consulting and matchmaking. This is a great episode that looks inside the personalities of both Kelly and I much deeper and is an opportunity for you to find love too if you are looking. Reach out to Nancy at 813-907-0410 or visit for more information on her services. Catch this show in its entirety at or on iTunes and please subscribe to us and leave a review to help the show grow!


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