krex is the T-Rex of Human Resources in Tampa Bay Featuring Kelley Rexroad!

Human Resources is a division of a business that it not particularly exciting to the owners or management. It’s an area filled with regulation and constant rule changing and is oftentimes central to a business’s legal woes due to employer / employee disputes. From an employee’s standpoint, a call to HR is rarely a good sign too, many times indicating a violation in policy or worse, termination. However, unappealing it is, it is core to successful business growth because all businesses revolve around two things. The first is the customer and second is the people that make up the business. Our guest today was Kelley Rexroad. She is an expert in the field of HR and Founder of krex Consulting where she advises clients daily on HR standards and practices. She has been featured on Sky Radio, Entrepreneur, Tampa Tribune, Maddux Business Report, Tampa Bay Times, New York Times, and  Neil Cavuto called her “the expert” on Fox Business News and Fortune named her an American Innovator.

For any business, effective hiring is crucial to its sustainability. Kelley shares with us some best practices for hiring including practicing the use of multiple interviewers during the screening process as well as looking for people that share the company’s value; therefore it is important that all screeners know what the values are. Employers need to ensure that all job descriptions are in writing too and that annual reviews are documented and that the initial 90 day employment period is documented monthly. After 90 days of employment, an employee termination will go against your unemployment compensation in the event of termination. If an employee is not working out, you need to terminate them prior to 90 days on the job.

LinkedIn is critical in today’s job market too points out Kelley. As someone looking for employment, it is imperative to have a profile that presents yourself properly and with good recommendations on it too. Kelley works on both sides of the employment coin too whether you are hiring or looking to be hired. Her HR knowledge and consulting practice won her the Tampa Bay’s HR Consultant of the Year Award and she works to improve your chances of a successful hire, no matter what side of the coin you are on. Learn more about her at or 813-920-9030 and catch this and many more entrepreneurial discussions at or


Hidden Treasures Featuring Danny Triplett!

#ThatBusinessShow awards dinner is just under two weeks away. The nominees have been announced and tickets are selling quickly now. Get yours before they are gone at and you can buy individual tickets for $59 if you are a TBBO member or $69 otherwise. You can purchase entire tables which seats 10 for $800 or $1200. Speakers and presenters to be announced later this week!


At 8AM, Jamie Meloni and Kelly Wilson invited Danny Triplett to the discussion! Danny Triplett has served as the president of Full House Liquidation since he founded the Tampa-based company in 2010. The family-owned business, referred to in short as FHL, is a local Bay area estate-sale company, specializing in entire household liquidations. Triplett is also a certified personal property appraiser with the Certified Appraiser’s Guild of America (CAGA) out of St Louis. Just last summer, he sent one of his client’s original Norman Rockwell pencil etchings off to Sotheby’s in New York City, and saw it sell for $10,000.

Over the past seven years, Triplett has seen his company grow, not so much in size, as it has in quality. In the local Bay area estate sale realm, his company is known for conducting high quality estate liquidations. Full House Liquidation has appeared on TV, 5 times over the last 3 years. Everything from their large-scale auction of the entire contents of The Historic Don Vicente Hotel in Ybor city last summer, to their recent liquidation of the multi-million dollar family home of the late world famous opera singer, Maria Callas, in Odessa. Triplett’s company, Full House Liquidation, services four counties throughout the Bay area, including Hillsborough, Pinellas, Pasco and Hernando. The phone calls and emails that continue to come in each week, are no doubt a result of TV shows like American Pickers and Antiques Roadshow. These shows have definitely created an intriguing sensation, which continues to draw national attention to the niche industry of estate-sales. In the U.S. alone, estate sales have become a billion dollar per year industry nationwide. What was once an unknown and untapped market, has now become an intriguing and quickly growing industry that sees people everywhere, scrambling to find their next… “Hidden treasure”!

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Instagram is #WhatsTrending This Week on #ThatBusinessShow Featuring Matt Ashwood!

Instagram tips is #WhatsTrending in this week’s edition of What’s Trending in Social Media. Matt Ashwood is your resource for all things #socialmedia and can answer your questions at anytime!

Instagram, recently bought by Facebook for $1B dollars, is estimated to be worth $30B per Matt in this segment. A resource that is quickly growing in popularity amongst business professionals too, Instagram has a unique culture that is less divisive and more engaging in terms of the posts that you see. Facebook is oftentimes arguments and debates whereas Instagram is about cute pictures of pets and personal lives. The “tell your story” feature of Instagram is a useful and engaging tool and highly recommended by Matt to develop your brand online. Through a series of short clips and photos, you tell your story to your audience.

Chris Krimitsos shared with his community these tips regarding Instagram today in his weekly email:

3 things with Instagram:

  1. Quality content – Instagram is a very visual place, if you want to successfully grab people’s attention then you’ve got to use quality vintage-style images. Hold off on using too much text graphics.
  2. Instagram Stories – this was a big move for Instagram.  A couple months ago Instagram launched the stories feature to compete with Snapchat. It’s another way to engage your audience and can be a great place to connect with your audience
  3. Comments Section – what a lot of brands miss out on is engaging with their audience. Instagram recently made it a lot simpler to do that with a “like comment” feature. Spend some time getting to know your audience in the comments section, I think it can prove to be productive.
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The Inverse Relationship of Work/Life Balance Featuring Dr. Nancy Wall

I often theorize that the professional and personal worlds of a business professional run inversely to one another. As we age in business, we gain success and typically climb the ladder whereas our personal relationships run south and many suffer from failed relationships and multiple marriages. Those who have found the secret to work-life balance are fortunate as it alludes so many. Our guest today was Nancy Wall who has made a business out of matchmaking and guided both I and Kelly on the basics of work-life balance and how she can help us both still find love in our later years.

Dr. Nancy H. Wall is Tampa Bay’s only Certified Matchmaker and Relationship Coach and is the President and Founder of Tampa Bay MatchMakers, LLC. She is passionate about helping singles connect and through her successfully targeted relationship advice and introductions, numerous life-long partnerships and marriages have resulted. She is a world renowned speaker and facilitator and has inspired thousands of singles and couples. She has been featured on: The New York Times, ABC Action News, Tampa Bays10, My Fox Tampa Bay, and WFLA News Channel 8.

At the age of 39, I myself have been married to my profession(s). Never married and highly independent my entire life, I often believe I have missed my window of opportunity for love. Kelly on the other hand has been successfully married and has two children and now finds herself looking for someone post-marriage. I am of the belief that as you get older, people gravitate towards others more for convenience than love. The need for love and passion is replaced with the need for stability and companionship. An effective relationship marries these together but they tend to tip towards the latter in later years.

Nancy listened to each of our issues and roadblocks and reminds us that it about being ready and open to finding that right person. Unbeknownst to many, we put up our own roadblocks that we can easily take down if we are mindful of the fact they are self-inflicted. Over the past 10 years, Nancy has worked and placed countless couples together and has helped them work through a variety of roadblocks to finding love and happiness. She has an extensive database of Tampa based singles and it is only $99 to be included in the database to be found. Her services go deeper with personal consulting and matchmaking. This is a great episode that looks inside the personalities of both Kelly and I much deeper and is an opportunity for you to find love too if you are looking. Reach out to Nancy at 813-907-0410 or visit for more information on her services. Catch this show in its entirety at or on iTunes and please subscribe to us and leave a review to help the show grow!