The Cost of Inefficiency Featuring Christopher Clabby!

Inside many businesses, unknown or hidden costs are impacting the bottom line and some to the extent that the business is pushed into bankruptcy.  Inefficiencies, wasteful spending and improper hiring standards can sideline otherwise great businesses.  That’s where our guest and his company come in.  Meet Christopher Clabby, Principal with PGV Advisors, where they work with businesses and organizations to help them grow more profitably.  They create value in the form of increased profitability, more stable working capital and increased enterprise value.  Their tools and processes improve overall efficiency inside a business and provide bandwidth so that the organization can grow.

Below as provided by Christopher which outlines the segment very well –

Delivering Value:

The primary focus for PGV is to help organizations grow profitably by helping them improve their cost structure while also improving their internal business processes. Research has shown that organizations, on average, do not effectively manage approximately 40% of their total spend leaving opportunity to deliver savings.

Benefits clients enjoy by working with PGV:

  • Improved Total Cost Model – Access to their current products and services at a lower total cost, on average 18% lower than their current cost structure
  • Vendor Management Program – Stronger and better managed vendor relationships
  • Sustainability – Access to tools which provide management visibility and control over spend
  • Ongoing support in data management, market research and spend category expertise
  • Flexible model designed based upon each organizations specific requirements and culture

Potential Savings Opportunities

We have been fortunate to work with client in a wide spectrum of industries including manufacturing, distribution, construction and real estate, hospitality and  healthcare to name a few.

The following highlights range of savings we have recently achieved for clients by specific category of spend:

Spend Category Range of Savings
Real Estate, Facilities and Maintenance 15% – 25%
Telecommunications 20% – 40%
IT (Hardware, Software, Services) 10% – 18%
Temporary Labor and Professional Services 8% – 15%
Insurance (Health and Non Health) 7% – 12%
Logistics (Parcel, Road, Ocean and Air) 8% – 12%
Equipment, Vehicle Rental 9% – 17%
Office Supplies, Printing, Shop Supplies, Furniture 12% – 35%
Travel (Air, Car, Hotel, Policies) 9% – 25%
P-Card, Ghost Card, Travel Card Programs 1% – 3%
Marketing & Promotional Services 7% – 18%

In just two years of operation, Chris and PGV Advisors have grown to International Reach and can help your business grow today too no matter the industry!  Reach out to them at 813-404-7303 or find them online at!  Find this interview and many more at or on iTunes On Demand!


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