Building Relationships One Number at a Time Featuring Brooke Evans!

The CFO (Chief Financial Officer) inside a business is a critical C-suite positions oftentimes associated with cash flow analysis and budgeting.  For many businesses though, the role of the CFO is much more and in many cases, a relationship driven position.  Our guest today, Brooke Evans, spoke to this point and her entrepreneurial journey to becoming the Owner of the CFO Alliance where she works with business owners to provide them with world-class financial expertise.

Brooke started her career in public accounting and learned a tremendous amount in 10 years at Arthur Andersen and Deloitte & Touche. She made the leap out of public accounting and into a CFO role for a large private company, and then ultimately started her own firm, CFO Alliance, in 2008. She credits her years in public accounting for helping her develop complex problem solving skills and her years as an entrepreneur with developing her leadership skills via CFO Alliance.  She states that the art of the relationship became clearer to her as leader of her own brand, something she rarely thought of in years of corporate work and it was these inter-personal skills that set great leaders apart.

As she worked to develop as a leader, she enlisted the skills of professional coaches, of which she sites as critical towards her growth and success as a business owner.  The salesmanship and relationship building skills taught to her were something she would not have developed easily and naturally on her own and she advises strongly for the use of professional coaching in business.

Today her firm employees 16 people and has multiple clients.  With specialties in business strategy, tax planning, process improvement, financial planning & analysis, forecasting, key performance metrics, cash flow management, financial reporting, SEC compliance, debt and equity financing, and mergers and acquisitions, Brooke and the CFO Alliance can help your business develop!  Find out more at or phone at 813-541-1614 and be sure to tune in Monday through Friday from 7am to 9am on Tampa Bay’s 1250WHNZ for more entrepreneurial discussions or find us on iTunes On Demand!


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