Professional Insurance Products Featuring Michael Shea!

The insurance marketplace is very broad and while many are familiar with health, auto and life insurance products, the overall market is comprised of thousands of different insurance products. Different professions require different policies and underwriting guidelines and specific industries such as lawyers, architects and accountants have insurance policies geared just for their profession. Couple that with the fact that you can insure anything for any reason through Lloyd’s of London and it makes for a very complicated marketplace. As a business owner in general, you should be familiar with professional and executive liability insurance and our guest on this segment was Michael Shea who is the President of Shea Barclay Group where they specialize in this line of insurance products.

Mike is a native of Tampa and second generation insurance agent. After a brief career in the banking industry, Mike accepted a sales position at Thaxton Barclay Group.  The firm, at the time, specialized solely in professional liability for law firms. Prior to coming on board, Thaxton Barclay Group consisted only of two partners, with no employees, operating only in Florida. Mike was responsible for the firm’s geographic expansion and quickly grew our client base on a national level.  In July of 2012, Mike acquired a majority interest in Thaxton Barclay Group and took over as President.  As President, Mike has expanded the operations through new product implementation, various association engagements and additional sales associates. The firm’s growth continues to be ahead of most industry metrics.

Today, Shea Barclay Group, formerly Thaxton Barclay Group, maintains 1,200+ clients in over 40 states.

Founded as an insurance provider to lawyers, their main focus and expertise today still revolves around that industry. Mike has spoken on many topics related to law firm risk management through local and state bar associations, as well as, state trial lawyer associations. He has had articles on law firm risk management published in multiple periodicals.

Located at 501 E Kennedy Blvd in Suite 1000, they are poised for big moves in 2017 and want to help your business grow. They service many industries and aim to provide quality customer service coupled with industry leading expert knowledge. Reach out to them at 813-251-2580 or find them online at Find more professional and entrepreneurial discussions at and at and to request an appearance on the program, please visit!


Effective Hiring Decisions and Practices Featuring Rachid Zahidi!

Businesses have many direct costs but it is easy to overlook or ignore the indirect costs of a business. These costs range from lost opportunities and workplace inefficiencies to losses that are incurred due to improper hiring. Our guest today, Rachid Zahidi, is an expert in the area of proper hiring techniques and is the CEO of Sentinel Background Checks where he and his staff work to ensure that their customers get all the information they need to make an informed hiring decision. In addition, Rachid brings a wealth of expert experience spanning across other industries including risk management, International Business and Anti-Money laundering investigations. He has taken all of his years of experience to create the ground breaking book, “The Business Immunity System: The Pitfalls & Side Effects of Data Handling, Privacy Issues, & Background Checks”. You can pick up a copy of the book by following the link and take advantage of our free audiobook offer too available on Amazon too by visiting!

Rachid and Jamie discuss the background check process for business owners and touch on the vast network of different sources and databases that house all of this critical information. Rachid touches on the importance of conducting proper background checks as well as how a proper check is done. We also learn about the various types of background checks and the advantages and weaknesses of them. Obviously privacy is a key area of concern in this business and we touch on that too and Rachid shares with the audience some general tips on how to hire the right people to fit your organization.

“Hiring is a process, not an event” states Rachid and elaborates on good hiring processes which he advises should include 3 different screeners and 3 separate interviews before making a decision. All businesses focus on building a successful team and Rachid states that by identifying and implementing 3 key conversations per staff member, you maximize engagement and opportunity with that staff member. The first conversation begins at selection which we just mentioned and then moves on to the onboarding conversation once hired. Lastly, it is important to have accountability conversations throughout the year with the employee. Not just an annual review too; look for teachable moments throughout the year and use these to enhance the employee’s relationship with the business. Whether you need one check or are a large business requiring many screenings, Rachid and Sentinel Background Checks has the solution for you. Get in touch with them today at or 813-425-5528! Find this discussion and many more business leader talks at and on iTunes found here and be sure to subscribe and leave a review too which helps the show and messages spread!


Focusing on Getting the Customer to do the Marketing For You on #FocusFriday Featuring Susie Pecuch!

It’s 2017 and time to focus on your business on That Business Show. Each Friday at 7am is Focus Fridays co-hosted by Juliann Nichols, CEO of Focus on You Strategy where they work to bring out the CEO in you. Begin focusing through a CEO Exchange whereby business leaders can hear feedback firsthand from their peers on the challenges they are facing in their business. The next ones are January 17th at 11am at the Regus Echelon Point followed up by January 19th at 11am and the Bank of the Ozarks on 4th St N in St. Petersburg. Register for these online via the links provided and learn more at for more availability.

Another way to focus on your business in 2017 is through the 3 part Focus2017 Workshop Webinar which launches on January 10th through the 12th starting at 8am each morning and is only $149. Register for that here and this will focus on the 4 main areas of your business:

  1. Business Relationships
  2. Products and Services
  3. Marketing
  4. Value of Your Time

Rounding out the trio of focal points discussed in the opening segment on today’s program is the 1st Annual Focus on Entrepreneurs Conference being held April 27th and 28th at the new Wyndham Grand Hotel in Clearwater. Early bird pricing in effect until January 31st with tickets on sale for just $289 and a VIP option for $450. Get your tickets here and will feature over 30 different speakers including key note speakers Michael Gerber and Julie Ziglar Norman!

Our next point of focus was on getting the customer to do the marketing for you with our guest Susie Pecuch, Owner of Design the Customer Conversation, where she specializes in exactly that! The most powerful form of marketing is word of mouth; therefore it is imperative that you work hard to provide a memorable customer experience which will inspire your customers to leave raving reviews and spread the word about your product or service thus resulting in more business back to you.

The reason word of mouth marketing is so successful is simple; because people believe their friends, families and online reviews more than a business’s own marketing and statements. 84% of consumers say that they heavily rely on recommendations made by family, colleagues and friends and 74% of consumers stated word of mouth marketing was a key influencer in making their buying decision.

Recent research by Frederick Reinhold in the Harvard Business Review Report found that only one question actually predicted the financial success and growth of a business. That question was “Will you recommend me? Not only did a business need to get a positive recommendation, if scaled, they needed to obtain an 8 to 10 rating on a scale to influence consumers positively towards their business.

83% of consumers are willing to provide referrals too but only 29% do, so how do you as a business owner get those recommendations and referrals? Susie spoke of 3 things that you must do starting with being able to stand in your own shoes and finding that one word that describes your brand. For instance Disney provides magic, Ritz Carlton provides luxury and Nike provides sports. Ask yourself now, what one word describes your brand? After you have found that word, you must define the conversation for them as they walk out the door. What do you want them to say about your brand?

Next you need to envision yourself in their shoes and connecting with your customers on an emotional level. Customers buy for emotional reasons, not logical reasons and it is about connecting who you are to what they need and want.

Lastly, how do you bring the customer conversation to life and get them to do the marketing for you? You must bring the brand story to life in the customer experience. From the first point of contact to the final good bye, bring the conversation to life and give the customer a memorable experience.

Susie is an expert at getting the customers to do the marketing for you and for over 20 years has helped world-class companies strengthen their bottom line by moving customers from loyalty to advocacy. Having worked with many major brands including Nike, Disney, and Six Flags Theme Park, she can help develop your brand as well! Look out for more from her at or reach out to her directly at 407-310-6386. Find the complete interview and many more entrepreneurial discussions at and on iTunes here and learn more about the program at!