Video Marketing Trends Featuring Roshni Hannon

That Business Show has used video marketing since its inception and has found it to be on the forefront of listener / viewer engagement with the program.  From the live video stream which can be found live each morning from 7am to 9am at to the short video clips we do in studio and post to we have racked up thousands of videos and as a results lots of engagement from the community.  Our guest today was in studio to speak specifically to the power and trends of video marketing of which we can attest to.

Roshni Hannon is a 38 year old former television news executive and most recently was the Executive Producer of the Emmy award winning and number one rated morning news show in Tampa Bay, Fox 13. She left television because she felt a change in philosophy and priorities when it came to media. It was time for her to pursue other passions such as community service, writing and video storytelling. She is currently VP of Communications for the Indo-US Chamber and a story-architect for Mad Bear Productions where they produce videos that “tell your story”

One of the video marketing trends discussed was virtual reality.  While the goggles that are required to view this type of video are still in short use, over the coming years we should expect to see more and more people making these a staple of their IT equipment.  The new Samsung phone is currently being heavily promoted as having virtual reality as a feature to it as are other phones coming on the market.  Industries such as auto dealers and medical are taking full advantage of virtual reality in their daily sales and services too.

Mad Bear Productions is also the only video production company in the Tampa Bay area currently recording and working with 360 degree video, another video marketing trend that is going to make an impact in video marketing.  While innovative, this technology does pose a challenge to the videographer on where to stand to stay out of frame, a topic we discussed on the program today too.  360 degree video lets you experience the event from all angles and all around.

In addition to her position as Story Architect at Mad Bear Productions, Roshni work as Communications Director for the US-Indo Chamber of Commerce.  This is a great resource for Tampa Bay business owners and is free to attend!  In addition, they always have great food at their events with the quality presentations they give.  Roshni spoke of the upcoming Women’s Forum on February 15th “Mindfulness: Putting Passion into Action” and more information can be found at about the Chamber and at about how she can help turn your brand into a story!  Find this interview and many more at and on iTunes here and please subscribe to us on both channels to help us get the message of our entrepreneurs and community leaders out to more and more!


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