Never Give Up On Your Dreams, Especially if it Involves Pizza Featuring Dan Bavaro!

Downtown Tampa is a booming area and businesses in and around the area are thriving.  The revitalization of the Channelside District, the USF Medical School, RiverWalk and continued rumors of the Tampa Bay Rays moving somewhere in the area are fueling much needed growth in the Downtown community.  Today on That Business Show we highlighted one of these businesses that is experiencing a surge in profits first hand due to this growth.

Dan Bavaro, Owner of Bavaro’s Pizza located at 514 N Franklin St in Downtown Tampa, opened the location in 2009.  After 2 years of sitting on the fence due to the declining market, he almost left and headed back home to New Jersey but resisted and launched the brand in 2009.  Fast forward to 2017 and the business is booming and sees increasing revenue year after.  HE shares with us his struggles in the first two years, having to work nearly every shift and made all the pizzas himself.  In the end, his hard work and dedication paid off and he, along with his wife and 5 children, have a thriving family business located in the Downtown Tampa community poised for even more gains in the coming years as more development comes to the area.

Prior to opening Bavaro’s, Dan travelled to Italy to learn first-hand the art of Neapolitan pizza making from 3rd generation Neapolitan family bakers. Bavaro’s menu is focused around a stunning imported wood-fired brick oven hand crafted and brought over from Naples which cooks the pizza at 900 degrees for 90 seconds giving it its unique flavour and style!  From every seat in the restaurant you can hear the crackling of the logs and watch the flames flicker with blazing heat encompassing every handcrafted pizza. Featuring Neapolitan pizza, homemade pasta, antipasti, and classic homemade desserts Bavaro’s has become a well-loved authentic culinary experience famous throughout the Southeast and has multiple locations across the Tampa Bay area too now.

Dan also shares with us how a stroke of bad luck ultimately resulted in a huge windfall for him and their business.  From the beginning, local patrons constantly requested Bavaro’s gourmet sauces for home use. After a catering event was cancelled in 2010 leaving the restaurant with 20 gallons of pasta sauce, Dan decided to bottle the sauce and sell it at local markets to attract more patrons to the restaurant. Fast-forward to today and Bavaro’s line of gourmet Italian products are now sold in thousands of retailers across the country.  Check out the restaurant on your next lunch break or take the family out for a nice dinner here.  Learn more about them at and catch this complete interview and many more at  Please subscribe to us there and find us on iTunes as well located here to help the show continue to grow!


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