Never Forget a Name Using the Maestro Method Featuring Matt DiMaio!

In business, the ability to remember names is a great talent to have.  With the constant stream of customers and networking events to keep you in front of the community, we meet many different people.  It’s embarrassing too when you have met somebody prior only to forget their name on the secondary encounter.  Our guest today is an expert on memory and learning skills and has the unique ability to meet a room full of people and remember their names at will.

Our guest was Matt DiMaio and he is a published author, personal development trainer, and noted humorist. For more than 4 decades he’s been helping business people, students, and parents by giving them new skills that traditional education has largely ignored.  His books “How to Remember People’s Names” and “Forgetful No More” are available on Amazon and his newest book “Building Brilliant Kids” will be available soon.

Best known for his ability to remember people’s names, he spoke today of much more than just that skill.  He shared with us some of the many memory and learning techniques that he uses and instructs others on including one very simple one, don’t tell yourself you cannot do it.  This is self-defeating and extends to more than just learning and a great takeaway from this conversation.  Another tip for when you meet someone new is to repeat back their name 3 times in normal conversation with them.  For instance when John introduces himself to you, you reply back “Nice to meet you John.”  Then look for 2 other opportunities to work his name into the conversation.

For Matt, it does not matter the difficulty in the name either.  Here is a link to him speaking with the US-Indo Chamber and having no problems remembering their names which are much more complicated than just Bob, John or Dan!  He is offering listeners tips and tricks on learning enhancement if they email him too and he makes for a great speaker for your event demonstrating this technique – reach out to him directly at 954-822-0312!  Find this and many more great discussions with entrepreneurs at!


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