Never Forget a Name Using the Maestro Method Featuring Matt DiMaio!

In business, the ability to remember names is a great talent to have.  With the constant stream of customers and networking events to keep you in front of the community, we meet many different people.  It’s embarrassing too when you have met somebody prior only to forget their name on the secondary encounter.  Our guest today is an expert on memory and learning skills and has the unique ability to meet a room full of people and remember their names at will.

Our guest was Matt DiMaio and he is a published author, personal development trainer, and noted humorist. For more than 4 decades he’s been helping business people, students, and parents by giving them new skills that traditional education has largely ignored.  His books “How to Remember People’s Names” and “Forgetful No More” are available on Amazon and his newest book “Building Brilliant Kids” will be available soon.

Best known for his ability to remember people’s names, he spoke today of much more than just that skill.  He shared with us some of the many memory and learning techniques that he uses and instructs others on including one very simple one, don’t tell yourself you cannot do it.  This is self-defeating and extends to more than just learning and a great takeaway from this conversation.  Another tip for when you meet someone new is to repeat back their name 3 times in normal conversation with them.  For instance when John introduces himself to you, you reply back “Nice to meet you John.”  Then look for 2 other opportunities to work his name into the conversation.

For Matt, it does not matter the difficulty in the name either.  Here is a link to him speaking with the US-Indo Chamber and having no problems remembering their names which are much more complicated than just Bob, John or Dan!  He is offering listeners tips and tricks on learning enhancement if they email him too and he makes for a great speaker for your event demonstrating this technique – reach out to him directly at 954-822-0312!  Find this and many more great discussions with entrepreneurs at!


Video Marketing Trends Featuring Roshni Hannon

That Business Show has used video marketing since its inception and has found it to be on the forefront of listener / viewer engagement with the program.  From the live video stream which can be found live each morning from 7am to 9am at to the short video clips we do in studio and post to we have racked up thousands of videos and as a results lots of engagement from the community.  Our guest today was in studio to speak specifically to the power and trends of video marketing of which we can attest to.

Roshni Hannon is a 38 year old former television news executive and most recently was the Executive Producer of the Emmy award winning and number one rated morning news show in Tampa Bay, Fox 13. She left television because she felt a change in philosophy and priorities when it came to media. It was time for her to pursue other passions such as community service, writing and video storytelling. She is currently VP of Communications for the Indo-US Chamber and a story-architect for Mad Bear Productions where they produce videos that “tell your story”

One of the video marketing trends discussed was virtual reality.  While the goggles that are required to view this type of video are still in short use, over the coming years we should expect to see more and more people making these a staple of their IT equipment.  The new Samsung phone is currently being heavily promoted as having virtual reality as a feature to it as are other phones coming on the market.  Industries such as auto dealers and medical are taking full advantage of virtual reality in their daily sales and services too.

Mad Bear Productions is also the only video production company in the Tampa Bay area currently recording and working with 360 degree video, another video marketing trend that is going to make an impact in video marketing.  While innovative, this technology does pose a challenge to the videographer on where to stand to stay out of frame, a topic we discussed on the program today too.  360 degree video lets you experience the event from all angles and all around.

In addition to her position as Story Architect at Mad Bear Productions, Roshni work as Communications Director for the US-Indo Chamber of Commerce.  This is a great resource for Tampa Bay business owners and is free to attend!  In addition, they always have great food at their events with the quality presentations they give.  Roshni spoke of the upcoming Women’s Forum on February 15th “Mindfulness: Putting Passion into Action” and more information can be found at about the Chamber and at about how she can help turn your brand into a story!  Find this interview and many more at and on iTunes here and please subscribe to us on both channels to help us get the message of our entrepreneurs and community leaders out to more and more!


Now is the Time to Sell Featuring Jamie Meloni

The Tampa Bay Real Estate market is poised for big gains this year. Year over year value gains show 10% on average and is 5% higher than the national average. Now is the time to sell! I realize it is cliché to hear a Realtor state now is the time to buy/sell and I’ve done my best to avoid these cliché calls to action to generate business over the past 10 years. Plus most Realtors use them interchangeably depending on who they are dealing with, a buyer or a seller. I’ve always found that practice to be contradictory to ethical standards because it cannot simultaneously be both the best time to buy and sell. It can be a good time to buy and / or sell at the same time in a static market with a static outlook on the horizon but “now is the best time” must be reserved for one of the two sides of the market.

So why is not the best time to sell in Tampa Bay? In short, because demand is there. Couple this with the low supply of inventory on the marketplace makes for a strong seller’s market at this time. As the Tampa Bay Times reported yesterday values are soaring in Tampa Bay and they appear to have jumped all at once over the past several months which means demand has increased. We’ve had low inventory supplies for the past 3 years but values have only shown modest/steady increases in value, so why the jump? Because more demand is now there. It is reminiscent of year 2005 when we hit a hyper market, a rarity in a marketplace where values increase at rates not traditionally seen. In 2005 and 2006, a home would appreciate by the month versus by the year, sometimes by the day! We all know how that ended up, but not before making many people wealthy. The ones who suffered were the ones who believed then was the time buy which was actually the time to sell and get out.

Another reason that now is the time to sell is because more inventory will begin to hit the market over the coming 2-3 years in excess. This inventory will be the homes that were acquired in massive bulk by investment groups in 2012 and 2013. These groups, based primarily in hedge funds, were buying then because that was when values we are record lows and rents were at record highs. I represented one of the largest buyers in many of their purchases in 2012 and their strategy was to hold for 8 years which is now just a few years away and we are likely to start seeing some dumping of homes by them over the coming years. This release of inventory will increase supply and push down the values or stabilize them.

Another reason 2017 is the time to sell is because we have a new administration in office that is very likely to bring back tremendous amounts of jobs to the United States. This means more money in more people’s pockets and they will be able to spend again. This will further fuel the demand element and keep prices on the upside for the next 1-2 years. The uncertainty of 2016 is over now and while some may not like who is in office, I think it is clear that he is very focused on getting more jobs in America than our last administration.

Please contact me today to get your home sold. You can start with a free home valuation by visiting If you are outside of the Tampa Bay area, you can still request a valuation through that site and I will put you in touch with an agent in our vast Coldwell Banker network. Learn more about my Real Estate business at and below is a short list of awards I’ve earned in the 10 years I’ve been in the business. Get in touch with me today to sell your home – 813-760-8516 or!

  • 2008 – Coldwell Banker International President’s Elite Sales Award
  • 2009 – Coldwell Banker International President’s Premier Sales Award
  • 2010 – Coldwell Banker Society of Excellence Award – Top Award Category
  • 2010 – Coldwell Banker Tampa Bay #1 Sales Associate
  • 2011 – Coldwell Banker International President’s Premier Sales Award
  • 2012 – Coldwell Banker International President’s Premier Sales Award
  • 2012 – Wall Street Journal Top 100 Real Estate Sales Professionals
  • 2013 – Coldwell Banker International President’s Premier Sales Award
  • 2013 – Wall Street Journal Top 100 Real Estate Sales Professionals
  • 2013 – #10 ranking for units sold amongst all Coldwell Banker offices
  • 2014 – Coldwell Banker Society of Excellence Award – Top Award Category
  • 2014 – #4 ranking for units sold amongst all Coldwell Banker offices
  • 2015 – Coldwell Banker Society of Excellence Award – Top Award Categoryjamie-meloni

Never Give Up On Your Dreams, Especially if it Involves Pizza Featuring Dan Bavaro!

Downtown Tampa is a booming area and businesses in and around the area are thriving.  The revitalization of the Channelside District, the USF Medical School, RiverWalk and continued rumors of the Tampa Bay Rays moving somewhere in the area are fueling much needed growth in the Downtown community.  Today on That Business Show we highlighted one of these businesses that is experiencing a surge in profits first hand due to this growth.

Dan Bavaro, Owner of Bavaro’s Pizza located at 514 N Franklin St in Downtown Tampa, opened the location in 2009.  After 2 years of sitting on the fence due to the declining market, he almost left and headed back home to New Jersey but resisted and launched the brand in 2009.  Fast forward to 2017 and the business is booming and sees increasing revenue year after.  HE shares with us his struggles in the first two years, having to work nearly every shift and made all the pizzas himself.  In the end, his hard work and dedication paid off and he, along with his wife and 5 children, have a thriving family business located in the Downtown Tampa community poised for even more gains in the coming years as more development comes to the area.

Prior to opening Bavaro’s, Dan travelled to Italy to learn first-hand the art of Neapolitan pizza making from 3rd generation Neapolitan family bakers. Bavaro’s menu is focused around a stunning imported wood-fired brick oven hand crafted and brought over from Naples which cooks the pizza at 900 degrees for 90 seconds giving it its unique flavour and style!  From every seat in the restaurant you can hear the crackling of the logs and watch the flames flicker with blazing heat encompassing every handcrafted pizza. Featuring Neapolitan pizza, homemade pasta, antipasti, and classic homemade desserts Bavaro’s has become a well-loved authentic culinary experience famous throughout the Southeast and has multiple locations across the Tampa Bay area too now.

Dan also shares with us how a stroke of bad luck ultimately resulted in a huge windfall for him and their business.  From the beginning, local patrons constantly requested Bavaro’s gourmet sauces for home use. After a catering event was cancelled in 2010 leaving the restaurant with 20 gallons of pasta sauce, Dan decided to bottle the sauce and sell it at local markets to attract more patrons to the restaurant. Fast-forward to today and Bavaro’s line of gourmet Italian products are now sold in thousands of retailers across the country.  Check out the restaurant on your next lunch break or take the family out for a nice dinner here.  Learn more about them at and catch this complete interview and many more at  Please subscribe to us there and find us on iTunes as well located here to help the show continue to grow!