Tweet Your Way To Business Success Featuring Matt Ashwood!

What’s trending on social media for 2017 was the focus of this edition of #WhatsTrending on #ThatBusinessShow. Our guest, Matt Ashwood, is our social media specialist and is always available to answer your social media questions at!

Twitter was the focal point of the opening segment. We learn that Periscope, once a revolutionary product, is being phased out of Twitter and that Twitter is a bit behind some of the other social media networks. Regardless of its place in social media, the platform is an excellent resource for business owners to easily build a community specific to their product or service. For the older generation, the buy in to Twitter has been a bit longer than the youth. Sending “tweets” just sounds funny and it did not appeal to many in business early on. Others though saw opportunity and began to build large followings and that became their community that they then sold their products back to. It became an online marketers dream!

So how did they build those huge follower lists? Are they that influential that everyone leans on their every tweet? Not really, they learned the programs to automate / delegate the process of follower building and let time do the rest. Jamie spent a fair amount of time this past weekend studying and learning some of the finer details of Twitter and picked up 500 followers as a result. Simple things like using hashtags convert into followers almost immediately. It is important to recognize though that those followers gained by the use of hashtags are easily lost if you do not follow them back. They are using programs that monitor who follows them back and will give you about a 5 to 10 day window on average to follow back. Otherwise they mass delete all their non-followers. This is why you see many people with lots of followers, have similar numbers with who they are following (excluding public figures, they are in a category all their own).

To build followers, begin by selecting the hashtags and influencers that are inside your industry and begin to input those into your tweets. As people follow you, follow back or you will continually gain and lose followers. There are some great programs out there too that will automate this process for you at a nominal cost. Social Quant is a great program and is simple to use and does not distract you with a bunch of bells and whistles of features that only advanced users would care about. All you do is select 20 to 30 key words for your industry and the program does the rest. This is not a “buy followers” program either. These are real people that choose to follow you based on the hashtags you use because you are in similar industries. The buy follower programs are essentially useless and are mostly fake accounts and only serve to give you a high number of followers to feed people’s egos. The idea is to build a community over time of like-minded people that will respond to your tweets by following links in them and in your profile. Many of the best online marketers built their businesses on Twitter, take some time today to study it, it is worth knowing for your business! In the meantime, please follow us on Twitter @thatbizshow and use the hashtag #ThatBusinessShow when talking about the show. Find us on YouTube too at and please subscribe to keep us growing!


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