Developing “That” Brand Featuring Jamie Meloni, Kelly Wilson and April Saland

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Insurance Solutions Featuring April Saland!

Each Wednesday at 8am on #ThatBusinessShow, we highlight members from the Working Women of Tampa Bay Networking Group. This professional organization is similar to what Tampa Bay Business Owners does and is a network for all professional women, not just business owners. They host events across the Tampa Bay area with nearly something going on each day from a Coffee Connection to an educational event featuring one of their members or thought leaders. Check out the calendar of events here and Jessica, the Founder, invites you to an event free of charge to check out the organization for yourself anytime!

Our guest in this segment was April Saland, Co-Owner of A.L. Saland Insurance Solutions and the disability insurance provider for the Working Women of Tampa Bay. Alongside her husband Les, they have been providing insurance solutions in the Tampa Bay region for many years. Their services provide for both business and individual solutions ranging from employee packages and business owner policies to healthcare, life and auto insurance for individuals!

While insurance is not the most exciting topic to cover on the program, it is a necessity of our society and something that can be used to your advantage if you understand all that is available to you as a consumer. Short-term disability pays a percentage of an employee’s salary for a specified amount of time while they cannot work and averages around 50% of the employee’s weekly gross income. This benefit can be employer or employee paid and as a business owner, you can dictate policy that states employees use sick days before going on short term disability. Plans range from 9 to 52 weeks on average. If the affliction exceeds 52 weeks, you carry into long-term disability care. It is beyond the scope of this blog to get into details of the policy types and we recommend that you get in touch with April and Les Saland to help you with questions and coverages for these issues and others related to insurance! You can reach them at 813-995-0292 or online at!


Help! I’ve Fallen and Need Long-Term Care! Featuring John Massolio!

“Help! I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!” A punchline to many in youth but an area of concern to our older generation and no laughing matter for many. As we age and our bodies become more susceptible to disease and injury, we need to have not only health insurance, we also need to have plans and / or a policy to cover a long-term care event. Enter our guest for this segment John Massolio. He is the Founder of Brass Ring Financial Solutions and is a consultant to financial advisors, independent insurance agents and regional marketing organizations. He was in studio today talking about how to plan for a long-term care event.

Long-term care is an extended period of time that you as an individual may need to cure or heal from an infliction. This entails help with eating, bathing, dressing amongst others, essentially the basics of living. No longer will you be able to prepare a meal, take out the trash, or talk on the phone and the cost of replacing these services can average over $200/day. With as many as 3 in 4 expected to experience a long term care event in their life, it is imperative to have planned for this situation ahead of time.

John speaks about the aging population and how with many Baby Boomers retiring, the demand for this type of service is skyrocketing but that many are still in the dark on the topic and he works to educate them on this resource. You cannot rely on Medicare to pay for these expenses and in situations where you are without resources and need to rely on Medicaid, the wait is long and the services inadequate and uncomfortable for so many. You must set aside resources and time to purchase a policy that covers long-term care.

Long-term care starts in the home via a caregiver then proceeds to a community and then facility as the final stages. As the stages progress, so does the cost. Think about the care that your care has on your loved ones too. The time they invest to assist you takes from their ability to care for their family and earn a living. Inadequate planning puts a burden on others in addition to yourself. It impacts your business too. Can your business survive without you there? These are points to consider and John recommends that you do so at age 50.

In addition to this service, John and his company specialize in much more ranging from insurance products to annuities and more! Learn more about him at or call him today at 813-651-0025 and catch this interview and many more entrepreneurial and professional discussions at http://www.thatyotubechannel.comFind us on iTunes too here and please subscribe to help the brand grow!


Tired? Quit Making So Many Decisions Featuring Joe Fedison!

Disruption in the workplace impacts both the bottom line and employee culture. As the labor pool evolves, differences in communication styles, appearances and backgrounds present challenges to leadership in trying to manage conflict resolution. It is important to remain cognizant of how the brain processes information and how you, the leader, can use this knowledge to your advantage to minimize or even eliminate disruption in the workplace. Joe Fedison was our guest in this segment and is an Expert in the field of how brain chemistry impacts decision making and how to achieve favorable results by applying his techniques. Author, Trainer, Speaker, and Business Mentor, Joe has dedicated his life to mastering effective communication techniques.

The brain uses 20% of the body’s energy each day. As the day progresses, decision fatigue can set in and impacts the person’s ability to make clear and effective decisions. Recognizing that this exists is one of the key takeaways from this discussion. By arranging important meetings and decisions earlier in the day will result in better decisions made. Joe shares with us a study that showed how the number of favorable outcomes that Judges make peaks early in the morning and then trends downward throughout the day to the disadvantage of the offending counterpart. If you understand this and how the brain allocates resources throughout the day, you can take advantage of this from both ends, whether as a salesman making a pitch earlier in the day, or as the one who is making the decision on a pitch.

Joe talks about the evolution of the brain and how earlier mankind lacked a developed prefrontal cortex which is responsible for personality, expression and decision making. As it developed, it came into conflict with the hypothalamus which was an older area of the brain and helped keep people safe when confronted with a threat. It caused people to react in the traditional fight or flight way that we all know of when we encounter a threat. Today as our society has evolved into an intellectual society, our brain can perceive differences in opinions or others not liking us as “threats” and if we are not cognizant of this, we can react irrationally with the fight or flight response. By understanding that you need to shut off that area of thought and allow the pre-frontal cortex to analyze and then respond, you give yourself a much better chance of a favorable outcome to the dispute.

All decisions break down into three components, a logical, an emotional, and a faith based component. Effective decision makers will have higher degrees of logic in their decision making than the other two components and it’s important to be mindful of this spectrum too and ask yourself “Is the decision I am making logical, emotional, or based on faith in the unknown?” Remove yourself from the emotion and faith in business and focus on logic. Save the emotions for your friends and family and the faith for Sunday. Not that we should not have or show emotions in the workplace, we are all human, but just that we recognize that key decisions need to be thought through because of the impact they can have on so many.

Joe speaks frequently on this topic and a variety of other topics too relating to Time Management, Rapid Conflict Resolution, Focus & Insight, as well as Stress-Less Communication. These talks make excellent lunch and learns or as a speaker series for your staff or for you one on one. Learn more about him and his resources at and reach out to him today at 813-451-3637 for your next speaking engagement. You can see the full interview at and please subscribe for more entrepreneurial discussions.