It’s Never Too Soon To Start Your Business Featuring Mary Osada!

The year was 1996, I was 19 and attending Florida Southern College where I majored in Chemistry and Biology in the hopes of becoming a Virologist. That obviously never happened because I spent more time at Kau’s, the college bar, than the classroom. I was the guy that showed up in class on test day which worked okay for the first two years but by the time I was a junior, that no longer worked and I had to drop out because I was failing all my classes. Needless to say my path to success took a detour at this point. I rebounded around age 27 and got back to school and onto a path of entrepreneurship.

Our guest in this segment was already an entrepreneur at age 19 and today is well on her path to success. She is Mary Osada, a Hair Stylist and Owner of Hair by Mary Osada. She is a graduate of the Paul Mitchell School in Tampa where she graduated with Honors and is also a Color Educator for Loreal Professional. Located at 533 S Howard Ave in Tampa, she opened her business with the goal to retire by age 50.

She attributes much of her clientele growth to Instagram and today keeps a full schedule which works with both men and women. She talks about the trends in the industry today and touches on her many services which include Balayage (I just learned about this today and cannot explain it) as well as full color and color re-touches. She also does Ombre Hair too, another trend that I just learned about today but if you Google that term you get a lot of pretty hair pictures! I’ve never been up on hair trends and have been sporting the same haircut since birth although I did try parting it to the other side once. Oh and I did highlights back in my early 20s.  We also learn that Kelly tried her hand at hair styling too but had to retire early after an unfortunate incident that cost someone part of their ear.

You can schedule an appointment with Mary here and please head over to her Facebook page and support it with a like! She can be reached for appointments too at 813-777-5131 and you can view the full interview here


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