It’s 5 O’clock Somewhere Featuring Leigh Harting!

#ThatBusinessShow gets an early start each day airing from 7am to 9am on Tampa Bay’s #1250WHNZ and the thought of beer at that time is not typically on our mind except on days when we are interviewing entrepreneurs making their living in this industry. Our guest in this segment was Leigh Harting, Owner of 3 Daughters Brewing. This craft brewery, located at 222 22nd St South in St. Petersburg, Florida, started with Mike and Head Brewer (then Head Chef) Ty Weaver in a local restaurant in St Petersburg, Florida. They were working on a recipe for a beer battered fish and decided to make it with their own hand crafted brews. No surprise, it sold a lot of fish and fueled their passion for brewing craft beer.

As the popularity of the beers grew, Mike and Ty decided to invest in a brew house to increase their brewing capacity for the restaurant. When they picked out a 30-barrel system, it was time to move on from the restaurant industry and start a journey in craft beer. As the brewery was being built, the common joke was, “how many beers do we have to sell to put 3 Daughters through college?”, hence the name 3 Daughters Brewing.

Leigh shares with the audience many of the flavors and trends in the industry and we talk about why craft brewing is a growing trend in the area. Their brands are found in many big box retailers including Publix and many may be familiar with the popular Beach Blonde Ale. “The challenge with making good beer is keeping the flavor consistent”. We learn that while they will make a great batch of beer, doing it over and over again is a challenge for them in their business. Even though beer is just 4 ingredients, there is a lot of Chemistry involved in keeping the flavor the same.

Located near the Tropicana stadium, this brewery offers a tasting room, tours and makes a great event space. They have food trucks on site and have trivia nights too! Live music is featured every Friday and Saturday night as well. Find them online at for more information or call to schedule your next team building event at 727-495-6002. Find the complete interview here and please subscribe to us on YouTube for more entrepreneurial stories.



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