Anyone Can Market, But You Earn PR: Featuring Gina Morales

#ThatBusinessShow turns 100 weeks old this week! At 5 shows a week too that means Friday is episode 500!!   The show is now available on multiple podcasting platforms and we ask that you please subscribe to us on iTunes and leave a review too which helps the show grow and find us on YouTube at

Our guest in this segment was Gina Morales who owns her own Public Relations company, Gina Morales PR. After building the PR department at the Seminole Hard Rock Casino, Gina branched out and started her own firm which now represents Film Tampa Bay among others. She spoke today about the relationship that Tampa Bay and Florida in general has with movie producers and how it is a challenge for our State to draw in big budget films. Recently, The Infiltrator, was produced in Tampa and she along with Dale Gordon played a central role in promotion for the film but stressed that more effort is needed to attract this industry here. The lack of resources and incentives are a large reason many producers do not come to Florida and the area recently lost a Ben Affleck film that is setup largely in Ybor City. The film was made in Georgia where it made more sense for the producers to re-build an Ybor City set than to film in the actual community.

Gina talks about the differences between PR and marketing and how PR is the art and science of earned media and building relationships and cannot necessarily be bought. This is the trust that is earned over time whereas marketing is everything else and is mostly bought by small business owners. Both require much data and research to be effective and Gina believes that the best PR people and marketers are using is an integrated approach to both. “All PR is not good PR” Gina explains too in this segment and speaks specifically about recent events in the media such as the Colin Kaepernick controversy and how many big brands do not want to be associated with negative issues involving their representatives. While some benefit from the idea that all PR is good PR, it is not universal and business owners need to subscribe to the idea that effective PR is good PR.

Gina speaks of her philanthropic and community involvement and stresses the importance of giving back to your community and closes with recommendations on getting publicity for your company ahead of big events. If you can use her services, get in touch with her at 813-530-6521 or online at and catch the complete interview here – all shows are streamed live in studio and you can watch live Monday through Friday 7am to 9am at!


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