New “Rears” Resolutions To Become a Bikini Boss Featuring Carolynn Smith & Theresa DePasquale!!

Successful businesses build their image around a brand.  Brands are memorable, marketable, and sellable and work to differentiate the business from competition.  Our guests today spoke on this topic and shared with us some tips on how to pitch to the media, the do’s and don’ts of social media and the importance of being authentic to your audience.  We were joined in studio alongside Carolynn Smith, Founder of 7 Marketing PR and Theresa Depasquale, Founder of Bikini Boss Fitness.

Carolynn Smith is a Hall of Famer in NCAA Women’s Basketball, Emcee of the NCAA Women’s Basketball Final Four (2015, 2016, 2017,) a Former Fox Sports Radio personality, former “Million Dollar Baby” in sales and marketing for Hilton Hotels Worldwide & Starwood Hotels and currently the owner of successful marketing and Public relations firm, Seven PR + Marketing.

Theresa Depasquale is the CEO and founder of Bikini Boss Fitness and is an entrepreneurial fitness expert, author, wife, and mother of 2 (ages 5 and 8). She has made her mark internationally in the fitness industry with her revolutionizing online training and content delivery programs including her Squat Booty Secrets Workout Program! “Bikini Boss” is one of social medias most popular fitness Phenom’s, inspiring and helping people around the world to improve their health and fitness. At 250,000 plus followers, her presence continues to grow rapidly because of her straight-up, in your face approach to health and fitness. Author of “Boss to Bikini” – Amazon’s #1 Mover & Shaker in 2016

Carolynn, who works with Theresa on her PR, shares with us a recent successful pitch that got Theresa National media coverage – New Rear’s Resolutions.  Simple fitness tips to improve your butt through fitness and diet.  “It’s all about positioning yourself in the industry as an Expert” states Carolynn.  This is one of her steps to PR and marketing magic.  Some of her other tips are:

  • Target the correct media to ensure you are reaching out to the journalists, editors and producers who communicate to your target audience.
  • Use a publicity calendar so that you do not miss opportunities to get on TV
  • Understand timeliness and trending news to increase your chances for coverage in a well-timed angle to pitch

Theresa speaks to her journey as a leading fitness Expert in a very crowded field of service providers and stresses the importance of positioning via branding.  The biggest mistake people make is having no strategy.  She shares with us in the beginning she focused her strategy on Instagram posts and that quickly grew her influence and today is the focal point of her business in terms of new clients.  She puts herself out to her audience as her authentic self and cautions against posts that are systematic and always focused on selling.  Theresa also talks about a great resource on branding and differentiating yourself called The Purple Cow, a book written by Seth Godin.  You can pick up a free copy of this via audio book by visiting too!

She closes with a discussion on the do’s and don’ts of social media which are:

  • DO be authentic
  • DO tell your story
  • DO educate and inform
  • DO provide value
  • DO stay true to your values
  • DON’T do what everyone else is doing ( brown cow)
  • DON’T talk in 3rd person
  • DON’T spam followers with ads
  • DON’T post pics with no caption and hashtags
  • DON’T post self- absorbed pics

Both of these women are excellent sources for improving your business and brand.  Learn more about Carolynn at or give her a call today at 813-758-8460 for help with your public relations and more about Theresa at  Catch this complete interview at and like us on Facebook here and please follow us on Twitter @thatbizshow to support entrepreneurs!


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