Make Your First Impression With Urban Body Clothing Featurng Cleland Ayison!

We all get one chance to make a first impression. With that one chance, appearance and style are frontrunners to perception and in choosing an outlet to maximize your appearance, consider Urban Body Clothing located at 711 S Howard Ave in Tampa. Our guest today was the Owner, Cleland Ayison who dressed to impress too!

Urban Body Clothing was established in March 2000 as a fun and exciting place to shop in the South Tampa SOHO District by Mr. Scott Moore and it is currently a fashion forward and fun store to shop at for both ladies and gentlemen who pride themselves in wearing good quality clothing.

After 16 years of being the premier destination the South Tampa community, they have become a clothing line without losing the touch of the essence of a fun boutique to shop at.

They now offer:

  • Custom dress shirts for men
  • Custom shirts and Blouses for women
  • Monogram on shirts
  • Custom Suits for men
  • Custom suits for women
  • Custom shoes for men
  • Custom ties for men
  • Custom Shoes and belts as well.

Cleland also touches on their latest brand Thee Black Jack featuring the latest in trending apparel and available for review at! Find them online at or via phone at 813-251-5522!


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