A Discussion on Spirituality and Identity Featuring Michael Parise

Spirituality and identity are core components of who we are.  Whether you have clear, defined ideas and beliefs or are uncertain of where you stand in these areas, all of us know these can be thought provoking and oftentimes sensitive areas of discussion.  Our guest in this segment, Michael Parise, brought a different dynamic to #ThatBusinessShow today as we focused much of the #MorningDiscussion on spirituality and identity.   Michael spent 32 years as a priest in the Catholic Church in Boston, only recently leaving it in 2009 due to internal conflicts inside the church around the handling of sexual abuse of children by the Church and his identity as a gay man.  Today he is a Life & Spirit Coach where he focuses his skills and efforts on helping those who are overwhelmed by responsibility in their lives and / or those who have experienced a life changing moment.

In the opening segment, we learn about Michael’s internal struggle with the actions and restrictions of the Church and he elaborates that even though he was a gay man, that was not the reason for his leaving the church.  He explains that he realized at age 25 he was gay, but that the Church required celibacy therefore it was a non-issue.  As the years passed, he became frustrated with the day to day operations and teachings of the church and he discusses how he slowly came to the decision to leave the Church and pursue work outside of spirituality.  As he returned to the workforce, he found it changed and challenging and he talks about some of the challenges he faced early on in his re-integration into life outside of the Church.  Shortly thereafter he took his skills learned as a Priest and his natural ability to help others with stress management and became a consultant / life coach to others.  He is certified both in spiritual direction and in stress reduction and trauma recovery and takes an integrated and holistic approach to body, mind, and spirit.  His instruction to his clients does not focus on the teachings of the Bible directly.

Michael also discusses his book, Life Interrupted, Taking Charge After Everything Has Changed.  It is for those who have given selflessly to others most of their lives and are now ready to prioritize themselves.  At the end of the book readers will have a new understanding of the steps to take to a new life and will be able to match who they are in their Soul with what they really want to do.  They’ll find freedom in a personal spirituality that works for their best interests and connects them to a reality-driven life.  Copies of the book can be found online at www.parisecoaching.com.

Throughout the discussion, we hear a lot on the ideas of spirituality and Michael’s as well as Jamie’s personal beliefs in what God is.  Michael explains that God is way bigger than anyone can imagine and that there exists between us all a core collective sub-consciousness that unites us all.  While he, as well as Jamie, are at odds with much of the teachings of the Bible, they both agree there exists a higher power that we as humans cannot understand.  The teachings of the Church have been worked and twisted in such ways to produce fear in others for doubting or digressing them and Michael reminds us that each of must find their relationship with God.  Reach out to him today for a consultation at 813-449-3904 or parisecoaching@gmail.com and see the complete interview at www.youtube.com/jamiemeloni or find the Podcast at iTunes, Stitcher or Google Play!


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