What is American Food to Other Cultures? Featuring Joanie Corneil

Cultures are often defined by their food.  Whether it is Chinese, Mexican, French or other delicacies, we know the atmosphere and offerings that will be presented to us in that restaurant.  I often wonder though how other Countries view American food.  Do Chinese people say “let’s go out for American food” like we say here for Chinese food?  Our guest today, says no.  She is Joanie Corneil, Co-Owner and Chef of Bella’s Italian Café as well as Square 1 Burgers.  Joanie spent several years learning how to prepare Italian food and soaking up the culture before returning to the States and opening Bella’s in 1986.  The question posed prior is one that Jamie has raised on several occasions with world travelers and unfortunately, the USA is not known by our foods, just that we like to eat a lot of food no matter the Country of origin!

Joanie talks about how in Italy, they are loyal to their food too with many of them dining on Italian style food regularly.  Today, as the co-owner and head chef at Bella’s, she has built a recognized brand in the SoHo District around the Italian cuisines she perfected and recently released the Bella’s Cookbook which outlines all the recipes for her creations!  This book is descriptive and colorful and would make a great Christmas gift!  Find this online at Amazon or at www.bellasitaliancafe.com.

In 2008 she and Bill Shumate opened the first Square 1 Burger with the goal of elevating the perception of the burger beyond its ‘burger joint’ origins by offering hormone- and antibiotic-free humanely raised proteins in a swanky full-service atmosphere with a full bar. There are now ten Square 1 locations across west central Florida, thus complementing their Bella Brand!   Located at 1413 S Howard Ave in Tampa, Bella’s is a delightful treat and South Tampa favorite, be sure to check it out!  Catch this interview and many others at www.youtube.com/jamiemeloni or www.thatbusinessshow.com and find us on Twitter @thatbizshow and Facebook http://www.facebook.com/thatbusinessshow!


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