The Best of Tampa Bay Featuring Joe Malinowski and Sven Boermeester!

We all know that Tampa Bay is a tremendous and aspiring City in Florida.  With the rise in entrepreneurism in the area, re-development in Channelside and talk of the Tampa Bay Rays moving to Tampa, there is much to be excited about in our community.  Our guests in this segment know that very well too that they invested in the brand that Tampa offers!

Guest one was Joe Malinowski who is the Lead Seeker of Awesomeness at Tampa Bay is Awesome. Tampa Bay is Awesome was founded in July 2014 and in less than 2 short years has acquired over 220,000 Social followers, and tens of thousands of website visits. The concept now serves as a community promotion resource showing off all the awesomeness the Tampa Bay area has to offer.

Guest two was Sven Boermeester who was born in Belgium and moved to Tampa a few months ago via South Africa. 10 years ago he saw a need for a high end publication that highlights the best of cities and countries around the world, a publication that closes the gap between countries to promote trade and economic growth.   Out of this idea Global Village was born.  Since its inception the organization has published hundreds of B2B books highlighting the best success stories of a region.

Joe has used his brand to also produce a line of beers called Tampa Bay is Awesome of which comes highly recommended by Jamie too! Sven just released The Best of Tampa Bay which highlights many local business leaders, political leaders as well as #ThatBusinessShow and Tampa Bay Business Owners.  The book is a tremendous gift to the City and is laid out beautifully.  Tampa Bay was the first City chosen in the USA too for this brand and will lead the way for all the other major cities to have their brands highlighted but not before other areas of Florida are done.  Next up is Best of Tampa and Best of St. Petersburg!   Find the book online at and more about Joe and his brand at!  This interview and many more entrepreneurial interviews can be found on our YouTube channel at!


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