Resources for Veterans Returning to the Workforce Featuring Forrest Baumhover!

As I concluded my High School years, I considered military service but did not move forward with it.  I oftentimes speak of this on the #MorningAir and blame it on a fear of commitment.  As I reflect back, I regret the decision not the join our Armed Services and feel that the men and women that serve our Country are true American heroes.  It is a privilege on #ThatBusinessShow to interview a Veteran in uniform or returning to the workforce as was the case on this edition of the program.  Our guest today was Forrest Baumhover, Founder and Principal of WestChase Financial Planning.  He is in his final (25 years) year of Naval Service and will transition to full time entrepreneurism this summer.

Throughout his career as a naval officer, his desire to help his fellow Sailors, friends and family members resolve their financial concerns has long been Forrest’s inspiration for starting a second career as a financial planner.  Forrest is a Certified Financial Planner™ and is enrolled to practice in front of the Internal Revenue Service.  He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in English from the United States Naval Academy and a Master of Business Administration from Old Dominion University.  Forrest also writes personal finance articles for transitioning military personnel and real estate agents.  You can check out his articles on the following websites:

The discussion also centered on the challenges that Veterans have in returning to the workforce.  Some struggle with the lack of structure, others with the lack of guidance and training.  For those in the Tampa area, we have interviewed and promoted several resources available for veterans returning to the workforce including the Office of Veteran Success at USF led by Dr. Larry Braue, St. Petersburg College Veterans’ Services which we discussed in our interview with Fred Tucker and Katelyn Sussex of the Workforce Institute at the College, and also Valerie Ellis who leads Veterans2Corporate and is a returning service women who has worked with transitioning veterans upon her return.

Forrest looks to focus on Real Estate professionals and Veterans in the world of financial planning.  Please help support him and all our returning Veterans and if you can use his services (fee based only) give him a call at 901-483-1427 or visit  Catch the interview at or and follow us on Twitter @thatbizshow for more entrepreneurial interviews!!


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