Reddit as a Resource for Business Owners? Featuring Matt Ashwood

#WhatsTrending was the focus of this segment of #ThatBusinessShow with our guest and in house social media content provider, Matt Ashwood of Songbird Agency.  Ask him anything at about social media and invite him in for a free consultation on how he can help you and your business get noticed on the web!

The #MorningDiscussion opened with a talk about Star Wars and how Matt used an app to overlay Darth Vader onto a recent short video clip of the program.  This creativity worked to get many more views and engagement than normal and also added some more hilarity to the program.  We post the full length videos at and you can find short clips daily at We also learn in this segment that Star Wars Episode 4 was produced before the prequels because in charge planning Yoda was (it’s okay if that took a moment).

We then moved onto a discussion of Reddit, the self-proclaimed front page of the Internet.  Jamie recently found this tool and wanted to learn more about what proper “reddiquette” is.  The site in short is a collection of communities that people share content from the web to.  Users then vote the content up or down and the more popular content moves to the top and can be featured on the front page if it receives enough up votes.  Many of the communities have sub-rules and many trends begin on Reddit and then show up on Twitter, Facebook and other sites.  Users work to build up karma points via engagement on the site and proper reddiquette requires users to comment and engage with other posts and avoid just self-promotion.  The site is a resource for business owners to promote themselves but it takes work and time to position yourself inside one of the communities effectively.  Given all the resources on the web and learned about on this program, we recommend you stay away from Reddit for your business unless you have some time to spare!  Help our program grow by finding us on YouTube and subscribing at and on iTunes as well.  By downloading our content, you help support the world of entrepreneurs and if you would like to be featured on the program, visit for more information!


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