The Mission of The Children’s Board of Hillsborough County Featuring Kelley Parris

Welcome to the start of Week 99 on #ThatBusinessShow and thanks so much to you the listener, viewer or reader that wakes up each morning to the program.  We have expanded the program to multiple pod-casting sites now including iTunes, Stitcher and GooglePlay and ask for your support by subscribing to the show if you are a podcast listener.  This program aims to inspire and promote entrepreneurship and wants to know how we can help you become a better business owner or more connected in the community.  Reach out to us, we love to hear from listeners.  You can email Jamie anytime at

Our opening guest today was Kelley Parris who currently serves as Executive Director of the Children’s Board of Hillsborough County.  The Children’s Board is a special taxing district and receives approximately $30M annually in tax dollars that it then works to distribute back to non-profits that are in business to help keep children health and safe, on track developmentally, learning and succeeding and supporting them and their families.  The department was formed 30 years ago when people in Hillsborough County became concerned with the resources available to support our youth.  Fast forward 30 years later and this department has worked to help children all over the County through such programs as drowning prevention by aiding at home swim classes and childhood deaths that result from improper sleeping arrangements (i.e. parents rolling over on babies at night in bed).

Another resource for Hillsborough County is their annual business plan competition.  Since 2006, the Children’s Board has funded an annual winner of this competition and listeners interested in competing in 2017 need to keep an eye on their site at This is also where prospective non-profits can go to find RFPs that you can apply for to support your organization.  It is the mission of Kelley and the Children’s Board to make Hillsborough County the safest and best place for our children by 2020 through the use continued effort in providing programming for children and families of the community.  Catch this and many more interviews from our business and community leaders at and please find us on Twitter @thatbizshow


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