How to Save 30% to 50% on Your Healthcare Costs Featuring Dr. Eric J. Crall!

On this segment of #ThatBusinessShow, we featured Eric J. Crall, M.D. who is a family physician that has practiced in the Tampa Bay area for 19 years.  Two years ago he left traditional fee-for-service medicine to start a direct patient care (DPC) practice, an evolving business model based on a low monthly subscription fee that includes all the services he provides in his office with no added costs.

Many consumers are unfamiliar with the term direct primary care and Dr. Crall works to educate our listeners on this movement in this segment. With rising healthcare costs, he talks about how insurance has been abused by consumers and that insurance should only be a resource when affected by catastrophic situations, not basic care. If consumers would handle basic care out of pocket and only rely on insurance for major situations, then the cost of healthcare would decrease dramatically. Dr. Crall talks about how at his practice, he is able to spend ample time with patients and not feel the pressure of insurance regulations all while keeping his income and free time where he wants it.

With it being Open Enrollment and many people experiencing rate increases, Dr. Crall is seeing an increase in demand for his type of service and network. He shares with consumers that they need to talk with their health insurance agent about just buying a catastrophic health policy that meets the requirements of the Affordable Care Act and then come see him for your basic medical treatments and care. You even have access to him 24 hours a day and via text!! By utilizing the Tampa Bay Direct Care Network, Dr. Crall states you can lower total healthcare costs by 30 to 50 percent!

Dr. Crall also elaborates on the challenges he himself is facing in growing this network, oftentimes getting pushback from Doctors, insurance companies as well as consumers. He remains undeterred though and asks you to experience the service and benefits for yourself. Find him online at or give him a call today to learn more at 813-321-1783!


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