How Podcasting Opened Doors Featuring Bruce Wawrzyniak!

In this segment, we featured Bruce Wawrzyniak who is the Founder and President of Now Hear This. With a focus on management, promotion, and booking, Now Hear This can help any kind of artist soar and get noticed! The company even has non-music clients, such as authors, small businesses, and an Olympic athlete. Bruce is also a speaker, having presented at a Young Songwriters Workshop in Nashville, a Content Marketing Summit here in Tampa, and, most recently, workshops at songwriters festivals in the Florida panhandle and Alabama.

Today’s discussion centered on “Now Hear This Entertainment” which is a weekly podcast hosted by Bruce. The show has been delivered on-time, every week, for more than two-and-a-half years and has gotten listeners from 124 countries around the world. It has spawned an eBook series called, “Bruce’s Bonus Book.” Podcasting can open many doors and Bruce shares with us just some of the doors that podcasting opened for his business including invitations to major musical festivals and interviews with leading artists.

Listeners familiar with #ThatBusinessShow know that we often touch on podcasting. Tampa has many podcasters and resources for them including the Florida Podcaster’s Association which meets monthly at McCalister’s Deli on WestShore in Tampa. In addition, The Tampa Bay Business Owners puts on a workshop or two per year on the benefits and basics of podcasting including one this past week which highlighted Dave Jackson from Libsyn and several panels discussing their podcasts and how you do not need to have a broad topic to be successful. There are many micro-niches up for grabs in this industry now and we heard from Lee Silverstein who hosts the Colon Cancer Podcast which he explains has helped so many with this disease. Podcasting is an easy way to enhance reach to your business or as a way to get your message out to more people at minimal costs. You can be up and running with a podcast for only a few hundred dollars, of which you may already have in place!

Find Bruce’s podcast here or on iTunes and other major podcast providers and learn more about Bruce at or phone at 813-854-8000. To get on this program to highlight your business, visit or become a member of the Tampa Bay Business Owners today and learn more at!


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