The Adventures of PenneAnne and Billy Featuring Dr. Victoria Brown!

#ThatBusinessShow is all about entrepreneurship and community.  Focusing on a positive message each morning, the program aims to inspire others to build a business or organization by hearing about the successes as well as failures of others.  A talking point that arises frequently on the #MorningDiscussion is the need for earlier childhood education with regard to entrepreneurship.  Our guest this morning is working to make a difference in this area too by producing a series of books aimed at teaching children some of the basics of business.

Dr. Victoria Brown, owner of Jireh Business Consulting, is a first generation college student from a small town in Mid-Michigan.  As a business developer for over 15 years she became interested in exploring the pattern of poverty in families and communities.  One of the trends she saw was the lack of knowledge about business development in our education system.

“I think the education system K-12 does an excellent job in teaching kids how to work 9 to 5.  However, when it comes to business development, kids lack the information on what a business is and what it gives you the ability to do in society.  This issue of poverty is the topic of every politician in the 2016 political climate of election year.  As business owners I believe we have a responsibility to engage young people as early as possible in the dialog about businesses.”

Dr. Brown has launched this book series featuring two children characters and a tech character.  Each book will teach them some of the basics of business development.  The characters are Penneanne and Billy and their sidekick is Digit, their phone.  You can track their journey at and their aim is to reach more children through the educational system and through an animated TV series too.  She is working to incorporate music and translation into Spanish too to maximize the impact on our youth.

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