Reaching a Defined Audience Through Print Advertising on #WorkingWomenWednesday Featuring Pamela Settle!

#WorkingWomenWednesday features professional women from the Tampa Bay area networking group, Working Women of Tampa Bay.  Each Wednesday at 8am on #ThatBusinessShow, we hear from and learn from inspiring women in the community and about events that are helping improve our community.  Founded by Jessica Rivelli, the group is a well known brand in Tampa and has events all across the Tampa Bay area.

Jessica spoke of a few of the events on the horizon including their kickoff lunch on January 10th and the Habitat for Humanity’s Women Build Project in the spring where a house will be constructed using 100% women labor.  Take advantage of one of their events today to meet new professionals from around Tampa Bay –!

Our guest on this feature was Pamela Settle, Owner of Good Living Magazine.  This magazine, which is published quarterly, focuses on reaching moms, a core group of decision makers for business owners to reach.  Pamela explains how many traditional mediums for advertisement are not finding this demographic and how her brand solves this problem.  While some say that print advertising is dead, Pamela works to dispel that myth, saying that print advertising is not dead, but old print ads are.  She explains how digital advertising is being weeded out by apps and how distracting that environment has become, meaning that your ad may only get a glance before the consumer looks elsewhere.  Via magazines, you have a consumer engaged with your product for 20 to 30 minutes at a time and thus spending more time analyzing and reviewing the ads.

Good Living Magazine focuses on a positive message and works to bring value to their readers.  With the influx of fake news sites and social media wars, many mothers turn to outlets that have a positive focus.  Pamela utilizes schools to disseminate the magazine and finds that both the children and mothers are very receptive to the magazine in this environment.  To help reach and inspire the children, she has launched, the Healthy Kids Club too and she asks that you sign up for updates and prize giveaways related to this new program here

Good Living Magazine has out now a campaign called “2017 is a GOOD year to be a Gift.”  where they are encouraging everyone in the community to find additional ways to show kindness in their daily lives next year and their cover model for their winter issue is Winter the Dolphin, and she is a fantastic example of using whatever you have to help others. Anyone can read this issue by going to their site at and also the magazine is open to contributing writers.  If you would like to submit a story for consideration, there is a place to do that on the site.  Catch this complete interview at or podcast on iTunes, Stitcher and GooglePlay.  If you would like to get on the #MorningAir to talk about your business or organization, visit and reach nearly 5,000 listeners and viewers today!


The Adventures of PenneAnne and Billy Featuring Dr. Victoria Brown!

#ThatBusinessShow is all about entrepreneurship and community.  Focusing on a positive message each morning, the program aims to inspire others to build a business or organization by hearing about the successes as well as failures of others.  A talking point that arises frequently on the #MorningDiscussion is the need for earlier childhood education with regard to entrepreneurship.  Our guest this morning is working to make a difference in this area too by producing a series of books aimed at teaching children some of the basics of business.

Dr. Victoria Brown, owner of Jireh Business Consulting, is a first generation college student from a small town in Mid-Michigan.  As a business developer for over 15 years she became interested in exploring the pattern of poverty in families and communities.  One of the trends she saw was the lack of knowledge about business development in our education system.

“I think the education system K-12 does an excellent job in teaching kids how to work 9 to 5.  However, when it comes to business development, kids lack the information on what a business is and what it gives you the ability to do in society.  This issue of poverty is the topic of every politician in the 2016 political climate of election year.  As business owners I believe we have a responsibility to engage young people as early as possible in the dialog about businesses.”

Dr. Brown has launched this book series featuring two children characters and a tech character.  Each book will teach them some of the basics of business development.  The characters are Penneanne and Billy and their sidekick is Digit, their phone.  You can track their journey at and their aim is to reach more children through the educational system and through an animated TV series too.  She is working to incorporate music and translation into Spanish too to maximize the impact on our youth.

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How to Differentiate in Business? Try Blogging Featuring Tracy Guida!

Differentiation is a key component of a successful business brand but many business owners struggle with ways to differentiate themselves.  One area that is simple to implement and often overlooked is the use of blogs.  Blogs are easy to start and cost nothing to produce other than your own time.  Many people struggle with writing skills and you can use this as an advantage to position your brand over others who lack the ability to showcase their brand through writing.  Our guest today was Tracy Guida, author of two blogs, My Other City by the Bay and Eat Drink and Be Tracy, who helped guide the #MorningDiscussion on how to blog.

My Other City by the Bay was inspired by her hometown San Francisco where she lived for many years.  After leaving for Tampa, she felt a void and decided to fill that void by falling in love with Tampa and its many beauties and launched this blog.   She began writing about all of her favorite places in Tampa Bay that reminded her about some of her favorite places back home and not only did she get to experience some of the best spots in Tampa Bay, she also made a lot of friends.  On this site, her latest blogging project called #31DaysOfLove, is featuring 31 local businesses during the month of December with a giveaway for each one.  Her other blog, Eat Drink and be Tracy features tips on food, restaurants, recipes and travel tips, inspired by her love of fine dining.

To get started with your own blog, here are some of the basics.  Once you have your idea or topic, you need to commit to a schedule.  You need to commit to weekly at a minimum because your goal is to build an audience and audiences depend on dependability.  If you are sporadic in your releases, you will never develop an audience.  Ideally, you should keep the blogs to 500 to 700 words but that may morph over time and needs to be based on what your audience wants.  Set up the blog at, it’s free!  You can upgrade to paid features but that is not necessary until you develop and find that you are able to commit to the schedule.  WordPress makes blogging very easy with easy to link sharing buttons for release across social media and the ability to insert images, videos and links.  If you have a website, look to add a blog page.  All page editors will have a tool to easily insert a blog so take advantage of this.  Once the blog is written on WordPress, it will populate on your site easily.  Research what an RSS feed is and know where your blogs RSS feed is.  You can use this link to submit to other sites that promote blogs.  It’s as simple as copy and paste in many situations!  As your blog develops and you can show a readership, you can begin to market it to advertisers.  Keep it simple to start and there are plenty of online resources to learn more.  You can visit #ThatBusinessShow blog at where we blog on each of our guest’s appearances just like this one featuring Tracy Guida.  Find the complete interview at and and visit to get on the program today!!