Working With Worker’s Comp Increases Featuring David Siracusa!

Owning and operating a business is a challenge that is amplified by the lack of education afforded to people in our educational system. Our public education system teaches us the ins and outs of English and History and Math but little to nothing on payroll, human resources or business accounting. I’ve often wondered if this is by design whereby citizens were guided along the traditional career path of public education, college and then 40 year career working for someone else. But as our culture develops, more of us are catching the entrepreneurial spirit and developing our own businesses, more so than other times in American history. With that comes the need for earlier educational opportunities and we must demand that our children are taught more about business at a younger age.

But for many, that is a moot point because we are past the educational years. So where do we turn for guidance on regulations?   In this segment, we meet David Siracusa who owns Siracusa Staffing and Leasing and advises on human resource policy, workers compensation insurance, staffing and leasing to name a few of their service areas. They are a PEO (professional employer organization) brokerage and guide their clients in these services. Launched in January of 2016, Siracusa Staffing & Leasing’s goal is to become a Property & Casualty Agent’s best resource for workers’ compensation.  He implemented submission, enrollment and commission platforms tailored specifically to P&C Agents to provide significant commissions with minimal effort on the part of the agent.  David’s innovative spirit was recognized by Ernst & Young when they selected him as a finalist for the Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 2015.

We hear in this segment about the changes in worker’s compensation premiums in Florida, with adjustments rising at 14.6%. After years of continual decreases, this spike in premiums will come as a surprise to many, and hurt contractors deeply who employ their staff. David touches on some workers’ comp basics such as who is required to have this coverage in Florida and how fraud and the number of insurers in the market impact the rates. Their mission is to relieve the burden and high cost of workers’ comp, payroll, tax administration and employee management for small to medium sized companies. David invites you to contact them today to help you better manage these services! Learn more at or give them a call at 844-377-2635 Ext 801! Find the entire interview at and this and all audios available On Demand at! Get your business on air today too, visit for more information!


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