Take a Trip on The Brew Bus Featuring Alexis Pettinato and Kasia Lavigne!

The craft brewing scene in Tampa Bay has been developing rapidly over the past several years. With many new establishments opening up and beers being developed, our area is becoming known for this Nationwide. One of my friends Joe Malinowski used this opportunity to have a beer developed for him and sold in craft breweries. That beer and his brand is Tampa Bay Is Awesome and is found at many pubs around Tampa Bay now and has worked to increase that brand which works in other areas of business from website design to social media management. The beer is AWESOME too and can be found at Yeoman’s for instance.

Our guests in this segment were Alexis Pettinato and Kasia Lavigne. Alexis serves as Director of Sales and Marketing at the Brew Bus, a recently opened local brewery, and Kasia is the newly hired Chef in charge of designing the restaurant which they just opened to accompany the brewery.

The Brew Bus Terminal houses a microbrewery and tasting room, and serves as a hub for bus tours to local breweries. Fans of locally brewed beer and brewery tours have made The Brew Bus Terminal based in Seminole Heights a popular place to enjoy the facility’s signature beers as well as the place to park and embark on bus tours of Tampa Bay’s craft beer community. With the opening of the new casual dining concept The Eatery, the brewery joins the ranks of leading microbreweries across the country that successfully enhanced customer satisfaction and built business by adding food service to complement their beer sales, said Anthony Derby, president and founder of The Brew Bus which launched in 2011.  Some of their house brews include You’re my Boy, Blue! Blueberry Wheat Ale and Last Stop IPA along with sandwiches and flatbreads that now accompany the brewery!

Located at 4101 N Florida Ave in Tampa, they feature Tacos and Trivia on Tuesday and brewery tours on Saturdays. Get on their Brew Bus today too and take the tour around Seminole Heights local breweries and you’re allowed to drink beer on the bus too! Find the complete interview at www.youtube.com/jamiemeloni and learn more on the program at www.tampabayradio.com. To get on the program, visit http://www.tbsinterview.com!


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