Video Production Tips For Your Business Featuring Joel Freedman!

Today, video is all the rage for businesses to advertise with. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have all unveiled new video functions in the past few years and YouTube continues to develop to offer ease of creation, sharing and editing of video on their platform as well. #ThatBusinessShow also takes full advantage of video using live video stream on each episode and posted at and also through a number of short video clips posted on our fan page at The live stream is designed for a live audience and we’ve always been cognizant of the fact that few will click on or watch the full live video if it shows up in your social media feed, but short clips, those less than 1 minute oftentimes, are like video gold. People love to watch those and we’ve had many go over 2,000 views with a new record recently of one of them hitting 6,000 views!

Given this trend, we wanted to educate our listeners on video production for business owners in this segment. Our guest was Joel Freedman who is the President and Executive Producer of 2 Hungry Dogs Productions. Joel has over 25 years of experience in the video industry and continues to provide broadcast quality video production for clients like CBS News, Fox News, ESPN, MSNBC and more. Joel combines the best production skills with a positive attitude to make sure you not only get a good product, but that you enjoy the production experience. Joel shares with us many good tips for business owners on how to produce video that gets attention such as the use of thumbnails, call to actions and Joel advises against the use of a pre-roll on marketing videos that are produced consistently as that will likely tire viewers of seeing the same intro and each video leading in.

Needing to feed his 2 Hungry Dogs over 15 years ago, Joel launched his own business and today can help your business too with video production. Learn more at or give him a call at 727-527-2901 and find more episodes at!


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