#TBBO Workshop This Thursday – Driving Traffic via Podcasting


Learn How Business Professionals Are Tapping Into Podcasting Helping Them Build Their Business And Their Personal Brand!  To register, click on the image above or visit http://www.tbbo.org/events.

Why Attend this Event?

Chris Krimitsos is at the forefront of the Podcasting Industry having helped over 100 different individuals start their podcasts. Many in various business niches. Some of the podcasts that have launched out of TBBO are The Private Club Network, Cashflow Guys, All Things Post, Biz Women Rock, Colon Cancer Podcast, Medicare Nation, Now Here This Entertainment, The Make it Snappy Productivity Show, Sisters of Flow and many many more. Learn how you can tap into this emerging medium with evergreen content targeted at people you want to reach with your message. You can also utilize your podcast to open doors to people you have been trying to reach for months if not years.   We have additional training for those that do not have time to start a podcast but would like to learn how to be a certified expert to get on the podcast tour for promotion of their products or services.   This will be the last workshop of the year on Podcasting make sure not to miss it!

You Will Learn:

  • Monetize: Learn ways to attract private money at steeply discounted rates via a Podcast!
  • Equipment Needed For Success: From full set-ups to your iPhone, learn all the ways you can produce a top quality show!
  • Strategic Alliance Building: Learn from other professionals that have already built their platforms out and how they are thriving in the new economy!
  • Creating Your Message With Your Show: We will show you examples of messages that work in the real estate space!
  • Audio SEO For Your Niche: We will be covering how to SEO audio for maximum coverage.
  • We will be sharing real life examples of content creators that have tapped into various podcasting platforms for the growth of their brand.

We will have technical experts on hand to help you with the ins and outs of Podcasting

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