Space Saving Tips For Tiny Home Lovers Featuring Pat Dunham!

Welcome back to week 98 of #ThatBusinessShow where we work to bring you inspirational and informative guests each and every day that share stories and best practices that helped them build their businesses.  Jamie, who specializes in the sale of Real Estate at Coldwell Banker, alongside Kelly Wilson, Founder of the EDGE Business Community and Magazine have merged forces on the airwaves highlighting entrepreneurship each morning.  Get on the program today by visiting and learn more at!

Our guest this segment was Pat Dunham who advises on tiny spaces / homes and outlines ways you can live comfortably in your own small space. Her ideas work for space-challenged living environments from tiny homes to efficiency apartments to RV’s and boats. She offers tiny house advice and speaks on the many benefits of living small while offering practical advice for downsizing and useful tips for creating storage solutions for any living arrangement.  The smallest space she has worked with someone on was an 84 square foot home, but while many think of how to be efficient inside a small space, she reminds the audience that not all of her clients live in truly tiny spaces.  She has worked with people in homes in excess of 4000 square feet who feel their home is too small too and she helps them find the space they need to fit their belongings in.

She shares some of her many tips on space saving on this segment too including a great tip on stuffing pillow cases with seasonal clothing and also on the wasted space that many bookcases have built into them, meaning they often have more depth than the books are wide and advises to build or look for bookcases that are designed with efficiency in mind.  If you are looking for help and guidance from an experienced professional, ask for your free half-hour discovery and see how the Tiny House Advisor can help you.  Find her online at or via phone at 727-224-9771.  Find the full interview at and this show and all past shows available On Demand at!


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