Mosh Pits for Stress Relief? Featuring Jamie Meloni and Kelly Wilson

From time to time, the program has a guest cancellation or a void in the schedule which gives the audience a chance to learn more about the hosts Jamie and Kelly. The show is aired lived therefore they have to be able to fill the time when voids occur. Jamie’s favorite go to topics are professional wrestling, music, or Real Estate and Kelly really has no favorite talking point, she can go with whatever and enjoys learning.

In this segment, we talk music, inspired by the Concert Friday night Jamie and Gary saw featuring ShineDown and Five Finger Death Punch along with Sixx A.M. and As Lions. Kelly is educated on what is and how to behave inside a mosh pit as Jamie explains that moshing is heavy metal rocker’s form of dancing. While Jamie has since traded mosh pits for suites at a concert, he nonetheless reminisces on concerts of past when he would get in a pit and thinks they could be a good stress reliever for some.

Shinedown put on a tremendous show Friday night at the Amalie Arena and is one of the few rock bands to originate post 2000 that has original, good rock music behind the brand. Other worthy brands include HaleStorm and Linkin Park but the days of 80s rock style music are long gone. The bands and music are there still, it is just harder to discover them. The days of radio and MTV controlling the music scene are gone as today’s artists are either assembled by record labels or lucky enough to be found on YouTube and those who are discovered produce basic 3 minute and out songs because this is what the industry demands. Bands like Pink Floyd or Marshall Tucker Band that had depth to their music will never become mainstream again unless new outlets develop to promote them. A lot of the missing talent too in the last decades is a result of the rise in illegal downloading too. Record labels poured many dollars and resources into fighting this battle that otherwise would have went to artist discovery and development.



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