Capturing Moments in Time on #FocusFriday Featuring Rick Tauceda!

On this segment of #ThatBusinessShow, we #Focus on #FocusFriday, a weekly segment featuring Juliann Nichols, CEO of Focus on You Strategy where she brings out the CEO in you! She does this through a variety of coaching and consulting techniques, one of which is the CEO Exchange where a group of up to 10 people meet in a group setting to discuss their problems with their peers. Taking advantage of the Mastermind technique, many great a-Ha moments arise from these gatherings. To register, for one, head over to today!!

The segment opened up with a #MorningDiscussion on the upcoming Focus on Entrepreneurs Conference being held April 27th and 28th at the new Wyndham Hotel in Clearwater. Tickets are on sale now and the event features keynote speaker Michael Gerber and over 30 other speakers for this two day event. Early bird pricing is now in effect through the end of 2016 and there are still openings for sponsors and presenters. Head over to to learn more and register!!

Our guest today was show photographer, Rick Tauceda. Rick has been committed to #ThatBusinessShow since day one and has become the premier photographer for the Tampa Bay business community. Many guests have raved at the quality of the images provided each morning by Rick and oftentimes end up becoming the profile images for the guests across their social media. Through That Business Show, he has photographed close to 1,000 business entrepreneurial guests who have appeared on the show and he was recently published in the flagship 2016 Best of Tampa Bay book by Proudly Florida along with many other great people and organizations across the region.

Rick shares with the audience how he got started with photography in May of 2000. He and his wife went on a vacation trip to Cairns Australia and had a cheapo Kodak disposable camera…the images were dull and didn’t capture well what he saw. From that moment on, he was determined to photograph the color of life as best as he could and came home and bought his first digital camera and began photographing family events, kid’s sports events, and photographing or travels.

He goes on to share some of the memorable moments that photography has brought him which included photographing a 106 year old centurion woman named Florence…3 weeks later she passed away. Another time he was in Rome Italy during a papal mass when Pope Francis’s motor car stopped in front of him and a baby was hoisted up and he blessed the baby while he was a few feet in front of him. Rick photographed a Vietnamese POW that was in the Hanoi Hilton with Senator John McCain and this past year photographed for the March of Dimes children who were born with defects but have overcome their disabilities.

In the closing segment, we learn from Rick some Photography 101 Tips for people who are taking images with either their phone or a camera and are not familiar with their device and he shares with us his vision for 2017! Rick has a large collection of images at his website available for review at and please consider him for your next headshot or event. He works with all types of projects!! Find the complete interview on our YouTube channel here and please subscribe to support the show and keep amazing entrepreneurs in front of the community!! Like us on Facebook at and to come on the program, please visit!


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