The Sound of Music on #ThatBusinessShow Featuring Allison Wilkins!!

Music unites people of all ages, races and identities.  The sounds of the melody and tones of the artist invoke common emotional components amongst all of us and many of us identify with different times in our lives by music and look to it to define the season or event.  Our guest in this segment was Allison Wilkins, Owner of Allisongs For Tots.  With multiple locations across the Tampa Bay area, Allison uses music to educate and enhance the bond between children and their parents, oftentimes starting at childbirth!

Allison states that all children are musically talented and shares with the audience her own experience as a youth and her experience with music.  She is the granddaughter to the late James Bridges (conductor and founder of the James Bridges School of Music in Pittsburgh), and recalls her fondest childhood memories were centered around “music making”.  She also shares with the audience her dedication to helping bring an end to childhood Cancer, aka Neuroblastoma, and talks about the impact one of her youth had on her prior to her passing as a result of this disease.

Allison’s new sing along story book, “Monsters are Afraid of Music”, is now available for purchase and her second book “Angels Watching Over Me” is scheduled for release  in December of 2016 and 3 additional books to launch in 2017.  Allison’s passion for music can be summarized in her philosophy that music empowers and is “the stuff of the soul”, to be produced by the child within all of us.

They are celebrating 5 years in Hyde Park Village with a huge event on Saturday, December 10 from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM. Music Together’ s Uncle Gerry Dignan, will be live in concert and they will have the Grand Opening of our their new, larger studio in Hyde Park Village and will be collecting items for Alpha House of Tampa. There will be cake, giveaways and more! Click here for all the details! and learn more at or via phone at 727-289-9845.  Find the full interview at and please subscribe to our YouTube channel to help support the Entrepreneurial Spirit!!


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