Express Yourself With Starfish Expressions on #WorkingWomenWednesday Featuring Kim Washington!

This segment featured another edition of #WorkingWomenWednesday on #ThatBusinessShow where we highlight members of the networking group founded by Jessica Rivelli and now home to over 800 members across Tampa Bay!  Learn more about their organization at and more about this program at!

After a chat with Jessica, we spoke with Kim Washington, Founder of Starfish Expressions, a t-shirt company she has recently launched.  Kim brings over 16 years in the direct sales business to her new role and has a background in Human Resources prior to that.  Currently the brand is sold online and the first line of apparel is out centering on the message, I am You!  She wore one of her t-shirts to the studio and dotted the I with a Starfish to enhance the brand!

Kim shares with the audience a great story about a young boy on the beach who was seen by a gentleman one morning.  When the guy approached him and asked him what he was doing, the boy replied he was saving the starfish.  With so many around the beach, the gentlemen replied there was no way you could possibly save them all, to which the boy picked up a starfish and threw it back to sea – I saved that one!  The story embodies the mission of her new business, to have an impact on people one by one!  Her passion is evident throughout the #MorningDiscussion and she speaks with us on some of the challenges of developing a t-shirt business which is in a crowded environment of providers.

Please help Kim develop the brand by liking her Facebook page located at as well as to follow her entrepreneurial journey!  Catch the full interview at as well as via podcast at and if you would like to request an appearance on the program, please visit!


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