Better Money Habits with Bank of America Featuring Bill Goede!

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Our 8am guest was Bill Goede, Tampa Bay Market President for Bank of America. Bill brings 28 years of banking experience to the position and tells his story of starting in banking from the ground up, working as a teller shortly thereafter College. In addition to his role with Bank of America, he is the bank’s Business Banking Market Executive for the Greater Tampa Bay Market where it provides a full array of client-managed services to businesses with annual revenues in the $5M to $50M range.

Technology was the first area of discussion in banking as Jamie seeks to discover how banking has changed in his perception over 28 years. The rise in deposits being done via phones topped the list of consumer favorites and they share a discussion over this technology as well as talk about Remote Deposit Capture.

Bank of America is committed to the Tampa Bay Market and has a partnership with the Khan Academy. Created in 2006 by Salman Khan, this non-profit works to educate children in a variety of topics and Bank of America came on board with their “Better Money Habits” program to help young Americans better manage their money. Bill shares with us some stats about the youth and money management today in this segment and Jamie and Kelly along with Bill talk about the need for financial education in our public educational system. Catch this show online at and learn more at!!


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