Breakthrough Health Discoveries Supported by the Tampa Bay Entrepreneurial Community – That Business Show with Jamie and Kelly – Featuring Michael McNelis, Julie Phillips, and Patricia Welter

Today on another great episode of That Business Show with Jamie and Kelly, the discussion opened up with a bit on the Tampa Bay Business Owners, and of its impact on the Tampa Bay Community! The Tampa Bay Business Owners is a group of like minded entrepreneurs and business owners that have had experiences differing by age, the amount of businesses they’ve had, and by simply their circumstances. What all of our members have in common is their love for the Tampa Bay Community, and their understanding that in order to succeed, one has to have the support and backing of the community! Exchanging ideas and collaboration, providing mentorship and collaboration, and community outreach – The Tampa Bay Business Owners is proud to serve the community! If you were interested in learning more about this collaborative community, then head over to:! As for That Business Show with Jamie and Kelly this morning at 7AM on #1250WHNZ until 9AM, Jamie Meloni welcomed Michael McNelis, Julie Phillips, and Patricia Welter onto the show! If you wanted to join the discussion and showcase your business and how it affects the Tampa Bay community, head over to:! If you missed out, you can head to: now to get filled in! And also, remember to check out Jamie’s YouTube Page for all the episodes of #ThatBusinessShow at!

Our first guest today on That Business Show with Jamie and Kelly was Michael McNelis, Option Strategist with Key2Options. He began his career working for J.W. Investment Bankers, then co-founded Hatshack, a mall-based retail chain that eventually grew to 49 stores before being acquired by the publicly traded company Genesco. Michael has been trading financial markets for over 20 years and has managed portfolios including equities, options and futures contacts. He has extensive use of options for income through covered call writing, Portfolio hedging, and for capital appreciation. He came on to the show this morning to discuss his latest systematic approach to alleviate stress during trading; and also touched on planning a bit. The Plan is to: Plan the trade, but Trade the Plan! If you missed out, then head over to:!

On the 8AM Hour on That Business Show with Jamie and Kelly, Jamie invited Julie Phillips, Founder and Owner of We Offer Wellness Simplified. After a life threatening scare related to abnormal cells, prayer led Julie to natural health. In addition to resolving two sets of abnormal cells, Julie noticed 16 unrelated health improvements. Her 22-year old cats also consumed natural nutrients and quick signs of improvements with joints, allergies, and jumping ability surprised everyone. For nearly two decades since, Julie’s purpose and passion has been to educate and empower others on natural health, not charging for her time and not up-charging her products. In late 2015, Julie joined Tampa Bay Business Owners (TBBO), and her ability to help more people is growing exponentially through the world of podcasts and social media. Julie’s passion is intense and clear – she sees 2016 as a breakthrough year in impacting more lives! Learn more about Julie Phillips, Founder and Owner of We Offer Wellness Simplified at:!

Our last guest on That Business Show with Jamie and Kelly was Patricia Welter, Co Owner of Suncoast Pilates. Opened in 1997, Suncoast Pilates is the only fully equipped Pilates studio in the Tampa Bay Area! Suncoast Pilates is an approved Balanced Body Pilates Instructor Training Facility and Balanced Body Host site, Patricia teaches monthly Pilates instructor training and CoreAlign instructor training modules and workshops. Patricia is one of the areas most experienced and highly Certified Pilates instructors. Patricia offers to all potential Pilates personal training clients a consultation to ensure that each has the perfect instructor – whether it be her or one of the other Certified, experienced and talented teachers at Suncoast Pilates. People say that Pilates has changed their life. Could you be one of them? Find out more at:!

Thank you for tuning in to the show, every weekday at 7AM to 9AM on the #Entrepreneur’s Channel: 1250WHNZ AM! Remember that we also have our weekly specials available for you to check out to highlight different business communities here in the bay area, including #WorkingWomenWednesday, #TBBOTuesday, #AmbassadorMonday, #TechThursday, and #FocusFriday! And no worries if you don’t have a working radio, you can always catch the live streams of the show at:!

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