Strategic Operating in Your Business – That Business Show with Jamie and Kelly – Featuring Bryant Jones, Alexandria Agresta, and Vick Tipnes

Strategic Operating in Your Business – That Business Show with Jamie and Kelly – Featuring Bryant Jones, Alexandria Agresta, and Vick Tipnes

Welcome to the #MorningDiscussion with your hosts, Jamie Meloni and Kelly Wilson! We are very happy to bring our listeners news and happenings from where it matters, our community. Remember that you can join the discussion every weekday morning at 7AM to 9AM on #1250WHNZ and on the web via our live audio and video streams at:! Tired of politics, weather, and sports? Just want to know what’s going on in your community? We’d agree with you. That’s why That Business Show with Jamie Meloni is on the air in the first place, because we feel that this community needs more exposure and support from those within the community. Tampa Bay has great entrepreneurial promise, and we see that through groups like the Tampa Bay Business Owners – which is why we believe the entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well. If you wanted to join the discussion and showcase your business and how it affects the Tampa Bay community, head over to:! Today on the #MorningAir, Jamie Meloni and Kelly Wilson invited Bryant Jones, Vick Tipnes, and Alexandria Agresta!  If you missed out, you can head to: now to get filled in! And also, remember to check out Jamie’s YouTube Page for all the episodes of #ThatBusinessShow at!

Coming from a long line of entrepreneurs, Alexandria Agresta’s passion is innate. Driven to excel well beyond her peers, Alexandria shares the same vision as top leaders: to ignite global change and make a positive impact on the world. With her unique problem solver mentality mixed with a social butterfly personality is how her first start up, myLoop, came to life, at just 20 years old. Learn more about myLoop at:!

Vick Tipnes is the Founder and CEO of Blackstone Medical Services. Vick started Blackstone in 2012 with the purpose to help as many people as he could. Vick started this business with little office space, no revenue, one employee, and a loan from an investor. As an Entrepreneur, he knew there would be challenges coming his way. Today, Blackstone has over 30 employees and is a multi-million dollar revenue company. They have grown into a national company that does business in 38 states. Find out what makes Blackstone different at:!

Bryant Jones serves as President of Sabal Trust Company and brings 17 years of experience in the trust and wealth management arena. Bryant received a Bachelor of Science from The University of Alabama and an MBA from Emory University. He is also a graduate of the Tuck Executive Program at Dartmouth College. Prior to joining Sabal Trust Company, Bryant was the Chief Administrative Officer at Reliance Trust Company, Sabal’s strategic operations partner.

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