TEDx Speaking and Taking on Leadership Roles – #ThatBusinessShow – Featuring Dr. Ron Eccles, Cheryl Pullins, Laura Scott, Kathy Wright, and Leslie Bridges

TEDx Speaking and Taking on Leadership Roles – #ThatBusinessShow – Featuring Dr. Ron Eccles, Cheryl Pullins, Laura Scott, Kathy Wright, and Leslie Bridges

The #MorningDiscussion is back on That Business Show with Jamie and Kelly this Monday at 7AM on #1250WHNZ and on the web at: www.tampabayradio.com! Thank you for tuning in every day to get informed on what’s happening in your community! Entrepreneurs from around the bay are finding a voice with the Tampa Bay Business Owners. It helps doing business when you are companions with other business owners, exchanging tips and tricks, expanding your network, learning new ways to do business, and making lasting connections. Consider taking a look at our community at: www.tbbo.org! If you are interested in a live interview on 1250WHNZ and streamed on the web at: http://www.tampabayradio.com – then please take a moment to check out: www.tbsinterview.com! Today on the show, Jamie and Kelly welcomed Dr. Ron Eccles, Cheryl Pullins, Kathy Wright and Leslie Bridges to the show! If you missed out, don’t worry, you can head over to: http://www.tampabayradio.com now to listen to the show’s archive! Alternatively, you can head over to Jamie Meloni’s YouTube at: http://www.youtube.com/jamiemeloni to tune in!

Starting at the 7AM hour, Jamie was joined by Dr. Ron Eccles. He came on to the show to discuss his upcoming training session, “How to Triple your income in 2017”! He’s proud to say that it is 8 hours of results based business training. He will be showcasing his “5 Step System” to triple your income! In the seminar, you will learn to create your “unfair marketing platform”, establish a business operating system, build a structured and inspired team, teach you how to retain repeat customers, and commit yourself to self-improvement at the same time! For more information, head over to www.drroneccles.com/how-to-triple-your-business-in-2017/!

Also joining at the 7AM hour was Cheryl Pullins, Iconic Brand Strategist and TEDx Speaker! Leveraging more than twenty years of Human Resources and Leadership experience, Cheryl has a special gift for igniting and cultivating the unique brilliance in others. Cheryl is a certified coach, a multi-award-winning speaker and entrepreneur who was hand selected to speak for TEDx, one of the most coveted speaking platforms in the world. She’s a “lipstick lovin’”, stiletto wearing, movie obsessed, Brand Consultant, National Speaker and Strategy Coach who helps multi-passionate women package their passions and personality to build iconic brands from scratch. For more information, head over to: www.cherylpullins.com!

Laura S. Scott is the President and Founder of 180 Coaching. Laura is a speaker, an executive coach, and an Energy Leadership Master Practitioner.  She also provides custom training and talent management solutions using assessments and tools from TTI, Conflict Dynamics, Energy Leadership, and Conversational Intelligence. Through her coaching, CEO forum and Mastermind facilitation, Pause II Power and Intentional Leadership workshops, Laura helps individuals and organizational teams be fully conscious and strategic around how they grow, lead, engage, inspire, communicate, and navigate conflict, change, and challenges. For more information, head over to: www.180coaching.com!

USAmeriBank is a local, independent bank headquartered in Clearwater. With more than $4 billion in assets, USAmeriBank is the largest bank headquartered in the Tampa Bay area. Katherine Wright, Senior Vice President and Retail Market Manager of USAmeribank and Leslie Bridges, Vice President and Relationship Manager of USAmeribank came on That Business Show with Jamie Meloni to discuss the bank and its impact in the bay area! As a highly capitalized bank, they have the financial stability to help a business at every stage of its growth and offer timely technologies and tools for customers to manage their day-to-day cash management functions and meet their financial goals. But as an independent bank, they can move faster and offer customers much more flexibility than some of the national banks.

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