Startup Weekend Tampa Bay – A #ThatBusinessShow Discussion on #TBBOTuesday – Featuring Daniel McDonald, Trey Steinhoff, Adam DiMuzio, and Steven Fantetti

Startup Weekend Tampa Bay – A #ThatBusinessShow Discussion on #TBBOTuesday – Featuring Daniel McDonald, Trey Steinhoff, Adam DiMuzio, and Steven Fantetti

Thank you to our dear listeners for setting aside some time in your day to tune in for the #MorningDiscussion, available only on the Entrepreneur’s Radio Show, That Business Show with Jamie and Kelly! We take a lot of pride here at the show, because we help to support our local entrepreneurial community with our show, allowing local business professionals and people with a message to join the discussion and showcase what they do! If you decide that there’s room in your schedule for some advertising, then head over to: now to get booked! Today on the show, it was #TBBOTuesday, which is another way we support Tampa Bay’s Entrepreneurial Community! By showcasing and connecting business professionals and experts with the Tampa Bay Business Owners, we all benefit through education and collaboration, the main goals of the Tampa Bay Business Owners. Today on the show at 7AM, Jamie Meloni and Kelly Wilson welcomed Daniel McDonald and Trey Steinhoff onto the discussion. And at 8AM, Adam DiMuzio, and Steve Fantetti joined the show! If you missed out on the #MorningDiscussion, please take a moment to head over to to view our show archive! And also consider visiting Jamie Meloni’s YouTube Channel for another alternative!

Coming on the show’s 7AM Hour this morning on #1250WHNZ was Daniel McDonald, the Tampa Bay WaVE Accelerator Manager. Daniel is passionate about entrepreneurship, startups and small businesses in Tampa Bay. For the past two years Daniel has advised over 120 companies and assisted them in accelerating their businesses. He also specializes in pitch coaching for startups for investment, exposure and competitions. Daniel works as the Accelerator Manager at the Tampa Bay WaVE and also serves as an advisor/consultant for Ark Applications with their strategic investments. This year Daniel volunteers for Startup Weekend Tampa, an organization that brings together people to pitch and bring their idea to life in a 54 hour competition. He also is a community organizer for 1 Million Cups Tampa and recently graduated with his MBA from the University of Tampa Sykes College of Business. Learn more about his work and the upcoming Startup Weekend at:!

Also joining the #MorningDiscussion at 7AM was Trey Steinhoff. Trey spends his time wearing different hats at a Tampa software startup called KiteDesk, organizing Startup Weekend, and producing visual art. He is a graduate from USF where he founded the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Society, was selected as a member of the College of Business Top 25 Under 25, and won multiple business competitions. After winning his first Startup Weekend, he went on to work for multiple local startups, the Tampa Bay WaVE, a competitive program at CitiBank, and now has found a home at KiteDesk where he implements sales software at growth companies. As the Lead Organizer for Startup Weekend, he gives motivated people the resources they need to start companies. When he isn’t immersed in Tampa’s entrepreneurial scene, you can find Trey producing paintings, digital designs, and multimedia art. He will be discussing how the Startup weekend impacted him on the show, so make sure to #TuneIn #TampaBay! And please consider visiting the event at:!

Joining the #MorningDiscussion at 8AM was Adam DiMuzio. Adam DiMuzio is the President and CFO of Red Rook, a tech company headquartered in Atlanta, GA. Red Rook focuses on increasing commerce capacity across 5 channels: web, in-store, mobile, social, and marketplace. With hundreds of clients relying on their knowledge and expertise, they leverage your existing systems together with theirs to provide the seamless workflow, visibility, and reporting that give you time to focus on what you want: to growing your business one happy customer at a time, no matter how quickly they find you. Learn more about Adam and his revolutionary business ideas at:!

Our last guest on #ThatBusinessShow with Jamie and Kelly was Steven Fantetti, Esq.! Steven is the Founder of Fantetti Legal. Steven has 5 years of legal experience as a law clerk, associate attorney, in-house legal counsel, corporate legal counsel, and legal consultant. Steven has represented corporations, business owners, professionals and executives in corporate, general business, employment and labor law matters, and real estate matters, as well as mergers and acquisitions, buy-sell agreements, and documentation and business planning relative to closely held businesses. Learn more about his business at:!

Thank you for tuning in to the show, every weekday at 7AM to 9AM on the #Entrepreneur’s Channel: 1250WHNZ AM! Remember that we also have our weekly specials available for you to check out to highlight different business communities here in the bay area, including #WorkingWomenWednesday, #TBBOTuesday, #AmbassadorMonday, #TechThursday, and #FocusFriday! And no worries if you don’t have a working radio, you can always catch the live streams of the show at:!

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