How Does Your Business Get The Capital It Needs? #ThatBusinessShow on #AmbassadorMonday – Featuring Gabriel Aluisy, Naim Hamdar, Matthew Ashwood, and Rochelle Walk

Happy Ambassador Monday here on #ThatBusinessShow! We are proud to continue this show here in Tampa Bay, because it helps business owners and others get the spotlight, which is a hard thing to do in this day and age. Whether it’s a non for profit, a bakery, or even an online business, #ThatBusinessShow is here for everyone to showcase what they do! If you wanted to come and join the discussion, head over to now and get booked! Today on the show we welcomed Gabe Aluisy and Naim Hamdar on the 7AM Hour. On the 8AM Hour, Jamie Meloni welcomed Matt Ashwood and Rochelle Walk to the show! We have various sites for where the show is published, and you can always check out our database at:! Jamie’s YouTube Channel at: is where you can find every episode of #ThatBusinessShow, literally since day one!

This morning at 7AM, Jamie Meloni welcomed Naim Hamdar, Chief Operating Officer of Synergistic Funding, and Gabriel Aluisy, Founder of The Private Club Agency! Synergistic Funding specializes in helping businesses of all sizes and types and is backed by a vast portfolio of financial products designed to supply you with the capital that you need. They provide Capital to businesses in all industries and sectors, whether they have been established for many years, or are brand new startups. If you missed Naim’s segment, head over to Jamie’s YouTube Channel at: to get filled in! And to learn more about Synergistic Funding and Niam Hamdar, head over to:! And Gabriel Aluisy is the Founder of The Private Club Agency. The Private Club Agency is a Tampa, Florida based design, marketing and consulting firm focused on membership marketing and retention strategy at private clubs. He is the author of the bestselling book, Moving Targets: Creating Engaging Brands in an On-Demand World and the host of Private Club Radio, the industry’s first and only weekly show dedicated to private club education.

At the 8AM hour, Jamie Meloni began #AmbassadorMonday with Matt Ashwood and Rochelle Walk! Matt Ashwood is a freelance digital marketing professional with Songbird Agency. He has a question for you. With all the time you spend on your company’s social media, are you even getting a return? Matt helps businesses make revenue and get profitable results with their social media. To learn more about him, shoot him an email at! Rochelle Friedman Walk, Esq. is an experienced, thoughtful and strategic attorney, business executive and neutral mediator. She has been court-appointed as a receiver and mediator, and is a member of the FINRA arbitration and mediation panels. She is known for her negotiating skills and the ability to bring parties together in win-win, creative solutions. She offers a practical and business-oriented approach to the practice of law. Her background in business enables her to relate well to clients and to quickly define the work and potential solutions. To find out more about her, head over to:!


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