Getting Your Unfair Share of The Market – #ThatBusinessShow – #TechThursday Featuring Tanya Cielo, Thomas Raad, Nicholas Paras, and Carole Gill

Getting Your Unfair Share of The Market – #ThatBusinessShow – #TechThursday Featuring Tanya Cielo, Thomas Raad, Nicholas Paras, and Carole Gill

Have you been following #ThatBusinessShow and want to get on air?  Become part of the community of guests which is around 1000 and central to many of the connections that Jamie makes in the community.  Through a 20 minute detailed interview with you about yourself and business, Jamie gets to know you and expose you to nearly 5000 listeners and then uses that relationship for future connections with members of The Tampa Bay Business Owners.  He works diligently with members to find those effective business to business connections that work as a two way street, beneficial to both parties.  Apply for an appearance by visiting – interview also comes with a personal follow up consultation with Jamie to identify a key connection he can make for you in your business!

Opening up the program today was Tanya Cielo and Thomas Raad.  Tanya Cielo is the founder of Sky Strategic Marketing where she helps business owners squash their competition and get their unfair share of business in the market.  She is a certified marketing facilitator with 18 years of marketing experience for media companies such as Clear Channel, Cox Radio, Beasley Broadcasting and AOL, resulting in revenue growth for her clients.  Thomas Raad is the Vice President/Co-Owner of Lair Services where he is responsible for the day-to-day operations of client services and accountable for Lair’s sales growth and planning. Tom works hard to provide the most cost effective and efficient technology solutions for every client while remaining committed to high quality service and support.  With over 15 years’ experience, Tom has worked with both Fortune 100 and small businesses. He is able to provide invaluable and insightful observations about the technology needs of clients of all sizes, in a variety of industries.  Thomas shares with us his story of working in Best Buy as a sales rep and then taking the entrepreneurial plunge alongside co-worker and now partner David Lair.  Initially beginning as consultants, they have grown the company into a leading provider of IT managed solutions.  From cyber-security to network administration, they work with businesses to keep their data safe and secure.  David shares with us some recent trends in cyber-security including ransomware and how those applications set up on servers and how to defend against them.  Jamie and he also share a discussion on how to manage employee’s time on the Internet and keep them working effectively and not net surfing.  Through a BNI group, Thomas met Tanya and they both complement each other as clients.  Tanya has been providing marketing solutions for over 10 years and shares with us 3 tips a business owners should do before launching a marketing campaign hinging on #1 which is to be concise and know your audience.  Casting a large net can work against the interests of the campaign and it’s always advisable to focus on niche.  Tanya also touches on some social media tips, a cornerstone of any successfully marketing campaign too and we find out how she relates marketing to fantasy football, one of her passions.  Learn more about them at and about Lair at!

At 8am, it was our 15th installment of #TechThursday with Nick Paras, CEO of Alpha Computing Solutions.  The discussion today hinged on becoming a paperless office – moving towards digital solutions.  There are many options available and adequate research needs to be done before making the move but Nick and his team specialize in this service and help guide you through the transition.  Software solutions such as SharePoint are discussed and Nick elaborates on how these document management solutions are superior to basic network storage and windows search functions to locate them.  It is critical to have a cloud-based location to protect against disasters in office and have redundancy in your backups as well as the ability to reach documents from anywhere.  Backups are handled by the provider too with cloud based solutions, another key benefit.  Nick talks about scanner options and recommends as does Jamie the Fujitsu Scan Snap scanner for best results.  It has a great compression result and the clarity of the document is retained even at low settings.  This enables Adobe to create a searchable document by implementing that option and then you can store a scanned document in the cloud that is also searchable by words within the document.  Other options discussed were the Neat Desk Scanner and all in one printer/scanner options but the consensus was to settle on the Fujitsu Scan Snap model, available for around $400.  To go paperless, Nick shares with us some tips which hinges on commitment to the conversion, don’t run parallel systems, commit and execute to one solution.  Follow that by focusing on document management and ensure that multiple backups are in place.  Rally your team and be sure that you scan and file everything that comes in the door.  Be mindful of regulation too depending on your industry.  If your office is a paperwork mess, reach out to Nick today to begin planning.  You can find him online at or via phone at 813-839-7671 X 100 or email!

At 8:30, we welcomed Carole Gill, Founder of CRG Coaching Partners.  Carole is a professional speaker, management consultant, and executive coach who brings practical experience from a successful career in corporate America and more than 20 years of consulting experience. Known as an attitude expert and people developer, she takes a dynamic approach turning best practice theory into reality, enabling individuals to become more effective leaders, communicators, collaborators and team builders.  With a corporate background in Human Resources, Carole shares with us how she transitioned from that role into a team building role and then found coaching which was her true passion.  For years, affected by a job downgrade, she became pessimistic and unhappy with her work environment.  Not until a chance conversation with a co-worker enlightened her that she had the power to leave did she realize she had control over her life.  From that moment on she pursued a path in entrepreneurism and today, some 20 years later has helped countless individuals and teams achieve results through her coaching solutions.  While her business is primarily business coaching, she does delve into life coaching too saying that effective results can only be achieved when you look at yourself as a whole.  While her business specializes in corporate team building environments, she also works with individuals, mostly with women on the individual level.  She is launching her first think tank for women titled Expanding Possibilities and it will be a two day event on December 8th and 9th.  Early bird registration is $399 until the 18th of October then $499 after that.  Learn how to reflect on where you are and what you’ve accomplished and explore opportunities and choices in all aspects of your life and career.  The think tank aims to do that and much more including identifying your intrinsic purpose and identifying where you want to be.  Learn more at!


Helping the Tampa Bay Community Dress For Success – #ThatBusinessShow – Featuring Jim Webb, Robert Rorebeck, Karen Pittman, Kelly Falconer-Miller, and Dr. Zora Carrier

Helping the Tampa Bay Community Dress For Success – #ThatBusinessShow – Featuring Jim Webb, Robert Rorebeck, Karen Pittman, Kelly Falconer-Miller, and Dr. Zora Carrier

#ThatBusinessShow is Tampa’s only terrestrial based radio programming that introduces you to the leaders in our community. Featuring business leaders, entrepreneurs, and organizational leaders, we work to bring you positive programming as an alternative to the negativity that clouds our media outlets. Airing Monday through Friday from 7am to 9am on Tampa Bay’s 1250WHNZ, we ask that you help promote the show and help it stay on the airwaves. The ways we support the show is through memberships in TBBO, our business network offering radio time, events and networking opportunites – apply for membership at and also through sponsorships. We are currently looking for a large bank and / or attorney sponsor as a cornerstone to the program. Please make connections for us to any decision makers at these businesses via email to! Great things are happening at TBBO and the radio show, more to follow!!
One of the benefits of TBBO membership is our Success Safaris. These are free member events where we tour a local business facility to hear about the Owner’s business and also hear their stories of failure / success along the way. We had the privilege of touring Rustic Steel Creations yesterday afternoon along with Firehouse #5, a renovated fire station that is now an art gallery, event space and now personal residence of Dominique Martinez, Founder of Rustic Steel Creations. Located at 3919 N Highland Ave in Tampa, Rustic Steel Creations is where metal creations come to life. You have probably seen some of them around Tampa from the fish and bull that travel from business to business to the permanent creations such as the hockey player at the Amalie Arena and the door / interior at the Ulele Restaurant. Dominique is a past guest on That Business Show and his story of walking away from corporate America on a whim and without a plan which led to Rustic Steel Creations inspired Jamie and he wanted the membership to hear his story. Today, with over 10 years in business, Rustic Steel has created countless metal works and they now have a contract with PDQ Restaurants nationwide to build metal chickens that will sit out front of all the restaurants. They offer weekend creative welding classes too and are happy to have you stop by for a tour of the facility. Find out more at and for more on the Fire Station!

In the 7am hour today, we welcomed the duo of Jim Webb and Robert Rorebeck. Jim is the founder of Webb Works and has worked with Robert who serves as the Video Production Coordinator for the past 3 years. Jim is a seasoned Tampa resident and for years worked in television as Photojournalist of Special Projects and performed videography and post-production editing for Channel 8, The Medical Beat, with Irene Maher. He was also the Primary helicopter videographer in “Eagle 8” for 20 years and worked as the consumer investigations unit shooter and editor for 5 years. Robert and Jim discovered they had several areas of interest in common, including the desire to produce legacy videos. From there, Robert began assisting Jim on various video shoots – weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, ceremonies, and presentations – serving as second camera, audio and lighting grip, and creative consultant. Lately, their focus has been on assisting local business leaders with their self-promotional ‘elevator pitch’ speeches in the comfort and controlled environment of Jim’s south West Shore studio. The elevator pitch process involves the business person writing a 60 or 90 second script on who they are, what they do, and WHY they do it. The script is then downloaded into the teleprompter, read into the camera, and usually in one or two takes, the person has a promotional piece they can put on social media immediately. Results may vary, but the overall response has been very effective in getting their message out and bringing in new business. This discussion is refreshing and reminiscent and touches on Jamie’s family history too involving the legacy of his grandfather who is still one of the last surviving inmates of Alcatraz, having served 15 years in prison for bank robbery alongside the likes of James “Whitey” Bulger and Frank Morris and the Anglin brothers who supposedly escaped from Alcatraz in 1961. Everyone has a story and Jim / Robert work to preserve that story in legacy videos. Get in touch with them today to produce yours by calling 813-817-9840 or online at!

8am started #WorkingWomenWednesday highlighting the organization that houses many of Tampa’s professional women across Tampa Bay. Get involved at!

Jessica was absent on the #MorningDiscussion but we had an excellent panel of guests to educate, inform and inspire our listeners this morning starting with Karen Pittman, VP of Business Development with Vein911 and wife of Regular Contributor Dr. Chris Pittman who is the Medical Director and CEO. Karen came on the program serving in the patient testimonial role today as she has had many of the procedures done that Dr. Pittman and Jamie have discussed many times on the program. She recently had her hand veins removed via his non-surgical procedure and showed off the result on the program and she also shares a success story of a patient who suffered from ankle swelling and could not walk in heels during events due to the swelling that would cause her feet to swell to a foot size larger. After the non-surgical procedure, she no longer complained of ankle swelling. Many will wonder how ankle swelling is related to vein disorders but it is and Jamie has had this discussion with Dr. Pittman many times. While the science of how it is related along with the relation of other leg disorders like restless legs and night cramps to vein issues is not fully understood, patients still see resolve to these issues at Vein911. Get in touch with them today for a free consultation. Visit or call them at 855-Vein-911!

Our next guest was Kelly Falconer-Miller was joined the #MorningDiscussion to talk about Dress For Success, a national organization that works to collect professional clothing for budding professional women. They are having an excess inventory sale this Friday and Saturday and women from all walks of life are welcome to come by and pick out some professional wear at bargain pricing! Normally Dress for Success Tampa Bay serves clients by referral only, and women must have an interview scheduled before receiving clothing. Their clients come to them from a continually expanding and diverse group of non-profit and government agencies including homeless shelters, immigration services, job training programs, educational institutions and domestic violence shelters, among many other organizations. More than 2,750 organizations throughout the world send women to the organization. Get involved and learn more at!
Rounding out the hour was Dr. Zora Carrier, Director of the Florida Museum of Photographic Art. Dr. Carrier is an accomplished art educator and received her Ph.D. in Education from Comenius University in Bratislava, Slovak Republic in 1989. In 2002, she co-founded and was director of Gallery Art Factory in Prague, Czech Republic, a not-for-profit institution presenting modern and contemporary art. In 2006, she founded the Open Concept Gallery in Grand Rapids, Michigan, where, as director, she managed art projects and art education programming. Before becoming the Director of the Florida Museum of Photographic Arts, she consulted on educational opportunities. The Florida Museum of Photographic Arts is a museum dedicated to exhibiting important photographic art as central to contemporary life and culture. FMOPA collects, preserves, and exhibits historic and contemporary works by nationally and internationally known photographic artists. FMOPA also enriches the community by operating outreach programs to educate children and adults. Their Current Exhibition is Undiscovered Self and serves as a retrospective exhibition of Uelsmann’s work spanning over the last 50 years. He remains the forerunner of photomontage in America for the 20th century as he employs multiple negatives to create intricate darkroom works of art. The process involves the combination of his ever growing negatives collection and numerous enlargers to produce the final, dream-like image. Uelsmann’s re-contextualized interpretation of landscape and reality dynamically require the viewer to critically analyze their own understanding of the surreal composition. Located at 400 N Ashley Drive next to the Sykes Building, they are open 7 days a week. Learn more at!



Expert Steel in Tampa Bay Since 1945 – #ThatBusinessShow – Featuring Dr. Chris Pittman, Matt Ashwood, Bob Clark Jr., and Linda Donegan

Expert Steel in Tampa Bay Since 1945 – #ThatBusinessShow – Featuring Dr. Chris Pittman, Matt Ashwood, Bob Clark Jr., and Linda Donegan

Ticket promo now available through today for a discount on Business Symposium tickets – use promo code TBBO and pick up tickets for $35 at  normal price is $59 and $39 for TBBO members!!  Come out for a day of business education, networking and fun at this TBBO Signature Event on October 28th from 9am to 3pm at the Hilton Hotel located at 950 Lake Carillon Drive.


At 7:00 am, we were joined by Regular Contributor Dr. Chris Pittman, Medical Director and CEO of Vein911. Dr. Pittman is triple board certified and one of only a few hundred physicians Board-Certified in Venous and Lymphatic Medicine.  Known for their minimally invasive non-surgical technique for the treatment of varicose veins, Dr. Pittman and Vein 911 is revolutionizing vein care.  Their mission is to help you look and feel your best and they have offices in Tampa and St. Petersburg and can easily be reached by calling 855-VEIN-911. Dr. Pittman is a trained radiologist and spoke in the opening segment about varicose veins and their pain free outpatient procedure for their treatment.  Many doctors practicing vein treatment still utilize a surgical procedure for this treatment and Dr. Pittman is adamant that is no longer necessary.  His techniques using Ultrasound-Guided Sclerotherapy can have your legs looking as good as new in just a few procedures and without the pain of other procedures.  He routinely sees patients treated by other procedures and has near 100% patient satisfaction in this group.  Dr. Pittman also elaborates on some of the other conditions of the legs that may be related to undiagnosed vein disorders such as restless leg syndrome and night cramps as well as ankle swelling.  Using the same technique to treat varicose veins, many patients report significant improvement in these conditions when treated by Dr. Pittman.  If you are experiencing these issues and have not had success with traditional techniques, get in touch with Vein911 today by calling 855-VEIN-911 (855-834-6911).

We closed out the 7am hour with our new “What’s Trending” segment with Matt Ashwood, social media expert and provider of social media content for the program during the live show.  Matt is a big fan of Instagram and talks tips for business owners on how to use the application including being clear and concise.  Instagram has a feature called “stories” which can be used to tell a story of your day through a series of short video clips that the app pieces together when you are ready to publish the story.  Facebook bought this app a few years ago for a Billion dollars and today it competes primarily with SnapChat for users and attracts many Millennials so if you are chasing that market, consider Instagram in your social media campaign, many older business owners neglect this channel, opting solely for Facebook and Twitter, including Jamie himself.  Find out more about Matt at or!

In the 8am hour, we welcomed Bob Clark, Jr., President and Owner of Tampa Steel Erecting, Florida’s oldest surviving steel fabrication company.  They were founded in 1945 by Bob’s father and he shares the story of the transitions the company has made through the years.  He began working for his father at age 16 and always knew he would follow in the footsteps of his father as the helm of one of the country’s largest steel fabrication companies.  Today, they focus on bridge fabrication but have a long history of involvement in other structural designs including EPCOT’s Spaceship Earth, Sea World’s Shamu Stadium, and the Florida Aquarium in Tampa. Many award winning brides include Storrow Drive, Boston; Casco Bay Drawbridge, Portland and 17th Street over I-75 in Atlanta. They are currently fabricating Gateway to Dallas, Twin Arch Bridges, 300 feet high spanning 1,125 feet!  Located on Hwy 41 S near Gibsonton, this company is one of Tampa’s leading businesses with a deep, rich history of involvement in the community.  Bob is also an avid supporter of the Miss America pageant and frequently involved in charity events and out networking with other business owners.  Learn more about them at!

Our 8:30 guest was Linda Donegan, owner of her own Virtual Assistant company.  Linda is a native born Floridian and grew up in Orlando and attended the University of Central Florida where she received a Bachelors in Marketing and Management with a second Bachelors in Accountancy and Finance. She was recruited by PriceWaterhouse Coopers, who transferred her to Tampa where Linda passed the CPA exam and had an active license in Florida for 32 years. After 5 years of public accounting, Linda entered industry and worked for companies like Dun and Bradstreet/Nielsen and eventually became the CFO of several companies. After a health issue arose in 2011, Linda decided to pursue her passion of working with small business. As an expert in administrative functions, she found her niche in providing virtual services for small to mid-market, overwhelmed small business owners.  Linda and Jamie talk about how she works with small business owners in a variety of task from basic administrative duties to advanced financial accounting and bookkeeping which is her professional background.  She works with business owners in all areas of practice from bloggers to bookkeepers and Realtors, just to name a few.  Reach out to her today at 813-551-1754 or for more information and learn more at!


Embrace Risk and Charge Ahead Featuring Tom Panaggio, Diane Daniels, Larry Harbolt, and Brian Thornton!

Welcome to the start of another week of #ThatBusinessShow. A quick reminder to TBBO members that Tuesday September 20th from 3pm to 5:30pm is our Success Safari at Rustic Steel Creations followed up by a tour of Firehouse #5. Register for that here and if you are not a member, you can attend for $30, again members attend free. All of our events can be found at! Tickets on sale for the Business Symposium and sponsorships still available. Learn more at

Our first guest today was Tom Panaggio, Strategic Innovation Consultant, accomplished Entrepreneur and author of the book The Risk Advantage which can be found online here . As an entrepreneur and racecar driver, Tom has learned that you cannot avoid risk if you want to be a winner. In The Risk Advantage, Panaggio tells the story of how he and his business partners built two thriving companies: Direct Mail Express and Response Mail Express. The book is designed as a guide for those who are contemplating an entrepreneurial pursuit, are already engaged in building a business, or are currently working for someone else and want to inject their entrepreneurial ideas and attitude. With The Risk Advantage, Panaggio aims to help entrepreneurs face the many situations, predicaments, and crises they’ll encounter during their lives as well as to help them formulate their leadership style and business strategy. On the show, Jamie and Tom share a great discussion on what it means to take risk. Taking risks is an essential part of any business and you cannot fear failure to be an entrepreneur. Tom shares how risks can be minimized but never eliminated and how entrepreneurs must be self-reliant and not fear change, one of the areas that stifle many leaders from growing. “Involve your employees and give them the wheel when it’s time to change”, an excellent tip that Tom shares when dealing with change in companies with staff. As he explains, change affects your staff as it does you so give them the reigns and let them steer the ship while you guide. Tom shares with us his personal entrepreneurial journey in the direct mail business and how he learned to trust his gut when it came to decision making and how you can too! Learn more at!

Our 7:30 guest was Diane Daniels, host of Weight Loss Nation, a podcast she launched this past April. Since childhood, she has struggled with maintaining a healthy weight.  Being unsuccessful with so many different weight loss programs, Diane decided to find the answer to achieving long term weight loss on her own. The result is Weight Loss Nation; a remarkable solution to a very real problem. Weight Loss Nation is different from any other weight loss program, because support is the #1 priority. She talks with Jamie about season #1 which saw many fitness and weight loss experts join the discussion and how she lost 30 pounds by changing her habits and diet to be in line with her goal to be thin once again! Her strategy has been to lay off of carbs while eating “real foods” as she puts it. Nothing from the convenience stores or in a box she says. Her new season launches October 15th and Season 2 will not be a contest format with her weight loss participants. The new season will feature a group / collaboration style weight loss challenge based on feedback she got from her season one participants who competed in a winner take all challenge. You can find the podcast on Stitcher and iTunes as well as on and she is taking applicants now to participate in this season’s weight loss challenge!

At 8am, we welcomed TBBO member 001 and returning guest to the program, Larry Harbolt. Larry is an Expert Real Estate investor that deals primarily in non-traditional techniques that mostly rely on seller financing. He is a popular national real estate speaker and teacher whose time-tested strategies and nuts and bolts teaching style has helped thousands aspiring real estate entrepreneurs realize their financial dreams with little or no money and without the need for credit. He is one of only two real estate teachers whose works have ever been inducted into the Library of Congress. Larry talks about his career in Real Estate which did not begin at a young age. He worked as a blue collar work in pipe fitting and plumbing before finding the world of real estate investing later in life. He shares the story of that first deal on this segment. He invested in a 3 unit asset that the bank wanted $60,000 for along with needing $8000 in repairs. By investing no money, he was able to use a Land Contract to take control of the asset, repair it, and cash flow the asset which led to his making money in the world of seller financed real estate. Larry has many techniques that work and has a regular meet up group in Pinellas County on Mondays at 7:30 (call 727-420-4810 for more information) where he and a group of seasoned investors meet to discuss investment opportunities. He has been running the group for 17 years and holds them even on Holidays! Learn more at!

Our 8:30 guest was Brian Thornton, President and Founder of ISG (Insurance Services Group). ISG is a premium audit firm which focuses mostly on worker’s compensation premiums. His firm’s clients are the carriers and he works to ensure policy premiums are fair and accurate to protect both the carrier and the policyholder. Since 1992, Brian has worked in many aspects of the premium audit venue from field auditing to consulting and expert witness services. He has compiled work flow and dispute resolution processes within insurance carrier Premium Audit Departments, and has performed audits on a wide array of policies, from small businesses, to large Professional Employer Organizations (PEO’s), to companies such as national cellular service providers, professional sports franchises, large airlines, and large construction and manufacturing companies. Brian formed ISG in 2007 with a focus on providing insurance carriers a premium audit outlet with a higher level of expertise and service than what the market had to offer. Since 2007, Brian has used his subject matter expertise and industry background to assemble a high performance staff of the best premium auditors in the industry. His vision that a Premium Audit fee company could operate on par with many of the insurance carrier audit departments has been a change from the status quo that was long overdue. Brian and Jamie discuss this little known business and also touch on the issue of worker’s comp fraud which is a huge problem in Florida and how he works to combat it. Learn more at or give him a call today if you are an insurance carrier in need of audit services for your policy premiums at 727-456-0022!

All shows available On Demand at!


#FocusFriday Focusing On Commercial Real Estate and Small Business Tax Planning Featuring Angie Lusk, Melisa Hartsell, Todd Unbehagen, Chris Meyer, Conan Raitt and Joseph C. Russo!

Welcome to #FocusFriday on #ThatBusinessShow, sponsored by Juliann Nichols, CEO of Focus on You Strategy, Bringing out the CEO in You!!  Focus on You Strategy provides coaching that empowers individuals and groups to unlock hidden potential, discover new ways of thinking, clarify goals and develop strategies to grow, earn and achieve more in their careers and businesses.  Thus bringing out the CEO in you.  Focus on You Strategy is not your run-of-the-mill, cookie-cutter business coaching service. Their team of tried-and-tested professionals and entrepreneurs draw from real-life experiences and expertise and with Juliann Nichols leading the way, she gets you “focused” on the right path!  Check them out online at and register for an upcoming CEO Exchange here (just $30), they are regularly held at C1 Banks and Regus Echelon in St. Petersburg.

One of the skills you learn at Focus on You Strategy is delegation which Juliann applied in today’s show, putting Angie Lusk in her at the station while Juliann took the day off.  Angie Lusk is her Chief Strategist and helps people develop plans and processes to execute their vision and accomplish their goals. She spent ten years running fast-paced campaigns that relied on precise plans to run successfully and knows first-hand the challenges of starting your own business because five years ago she started her own vacation planning business – Trip with Angie. Now, she uses her organizational skills to work with entrepreneurs at Focus on You Strategy by facilitating CEO Exchanges and working one-on-one with clients.  She was joined in studio alongside guest Melisa Hartsell, Co-Founder of Apex Brokerage where they specialize in commercial real estate, and business brokerage and also touch on residential deals as well.  She launched her career in Memphis, TN where she specialized in selling existing single family and custom-built homes. This eventually led to obtaining an additional real estate associate license in North Mississippi where she gained 2 years of experience as a project manager in construction for a residential development.  Soon afterward, she obtained her Broker license in MS and TN where she ran a real estate firm for 2 years while focusing on commercial land acquisition investments.  During the past 17 years she has worked in every aspect of the real estate industry representing, buyers, sellers, tenants and investors in both residential and commercial markets.  Melisa transitioned into the telecommunications industry where she spent 5 years working in land acquisition, construction project management and leasing for the cell phone tower industry.  She moved to Tampa, FL in 2007, where she obtained her Florida Broker’s license and continued her real estate career focusing on business brokerage and commercial real estate.  She talks about how Juliann and Focus on You Strategy helped her develop her business further stating “My partner and I work great together and I rely on him to make important decisions for Apex and believe we have created a strong company but I personally felt I needed a coach to assist me with my weaknesses and Juliann has helped me tremendously. Throughout my life, I’ve sought out coaches for my personal fitness, martial arts and nutrition because I knew that even though I had a great deal of knowledge and experience in all of these areas, it served me to have another perspective from someone else with experience and knowledge to get me to the next level. Juliann does this for me and has helped me grow into a stronger leader for our company.”  Find out more at or give them a call at 1-800-723-1080 if you are in the market for commercial real estate or need to buy/sell a business in the Tampa Bay area!

In the 8am hour, we welcomed the leadership team from Unbehagen Advisors.  Todd Unbehagen, President and CEO was in studio alongside Chris Meyer, Director of Client Services, Conan Raitt, VP of Tax and their in house attorney Joseph C. Russo.  Specializing in Small Business Tax, Accounting, Investments and Insurance, their passion is helping individuals, entrepreneurs and small businesses reach their financial goals. They are a tax preparation, accounting, investment and insurance services firm with offices in Tarpon Springs and Tampa, FL. If you want guidance with your small business, need a financial plan, want to review your insurance policies or simply want to pay the lowest amount of tax legally possible they say, call their office and schedule a free consultation to discuss your business and financial goals, and we they will help you free up your most valuable resource, your time!  Unbehagen Advisors is a top ten accounting and tax firm in the US and Canada out of 430, in the Padgett Business Services franchise network of accounting firms and Todd shares with us how he took over from the foundation his father built and took Unbehagan Advisors to the next level and levels!!  We share a great group discussion on this and much more throughout the hour including what to do if you fall behind in filing your taxes, how to structure your business properly from the start and the services their in house counsel, Joseph Russo offers for business owners.  Joseph Russo has been practicing law in the Tampa area for over eighteen years and focuses on business contracts, start-ups and small businesses but can assist in many other areas including employment issues, finance, intellectual property and more.  This is a financial and tax team that can be your one stop shop for business management – find them online at and more on Joseph Russo at!

Also a reminder that tickets on sale now for the Business Symposium – pick them up at and take advantage of getting your brand in front of over 400 people by becoming an event sponsor, opportunities for that can be found here Tickets are $39 for TBBO members and $59 for non-members and includes lunch.  Event is held October 28th from 9am to 3pm at the Hilton Hotel in St. Petersburg on Lake Carillon Drive.


How to Catch a Shark – A #TBBO Discussion! #ThatBusinessShow Featuring Brian Kornfeld, Karen Mertes, and Tara Richter

How to Catch a Shark – A #TBBO Discussion! #ThatBusinessShow Featuring Brian Kornfeld, Karen Mertes, and Tara Richter

Welcome to another episode of #ThatBusinessShow where we work to bring you positive programming each morning on 1250WHNZ about Tampa Bay’s entrepreneurs and community leaders.  Please help support the show, ways to do this are memberships in Tampa Bay Business Owners – apply at , and you can also support the show by picking up a ticket to our Business Symposium on October 28th, tickets available at  Thank you to all of our listeners, viewers, as well as readers and staff that make the show possible each morning.

Opening up the program today was Regular Contributor Brian Kornfeld, Owner of PopKorn Apps.  Brian saw an opportunity in app design to shave tens of thousands of dollars off of the cost of app development and took the entrepreneurial dive with PopKorn Apps.  Brian has produced many apps and can get that idea to the marketplace for you.  Brian also comes from a background in Aerospace Engineering and we open the discussion with a brief chat on the recent SpaceX rocket explosion and how he worked in that line of work, putting satellites in orbit.   He spends the hour with us and shares with us how an idea for a ride sharing app (before the days of Uber & Lyft) turned into PopKorn Apps.  Beginning with his first idea for an app, he tried to outsource it and was amazed at the incredible costs associated with the app production and worked to find a solution.  That app was RhiKnow and he successfully built and launched that app on his own.  The RhiKnow app, which is available on iOS and Android operating systems worked as a social network but with the ability to look for feedback and recommendations on different outings from people within your own sphere of influence.  The idea was to get feedback from people you knew and trusted versus online networks that have feedback from many unknown sources.  Brian advises if you have that idea, don’t wait.  Get in touch with him today for a free discussion over a cup of coffee.  Find him online at or phone at 727-415-6705.

At 8am we welcomed the duo of Karen Mertes and Tara Richter to the #MorningDiscussion.  Karen Mertes, a Lt Col (Ret) from our United States Air Force turned a life altering tragedy into a life purpose with her entrepreneurial organization, Fulfill Your Destiny.  Today, Karen is a sought-after Professional Speaker, #1 Amazon Best Selling Author of Plaintiff 101, and a Certified Entrepreneur, Leadership and Business Consultant all to benefit Fulfill Your Destiny.  She is also a returning guest and was recognized earlier this year by Jamie Meloni as having one of the Most Inspirational Entrepreneurial Stories of 2015.  Tara Richter joined her in studio and is the Publisher behind the book, Plaintiff 101.  Sheis the President of Richter Publishing and specializes in helping business owners write their non-fiction story in 4 weeks & publish a book in order to become an expert in their industry. She has been featured on CNN, ABC, Daytime TV, FOX, SSN, Channel 10 News, USA TODAY, Beverly Hills Times and radio stations all over the world!  Her degree is in Graphic Design and she worked in the copy and print industry in the Silicon Valley and has written and published 10 of her own books in just a few short years. Tara now has published many other authors in her local Tampa bay area including Anthony Amos & celebrity entrepreneur, Kevin Harrington, Shark from ABC’s “Shark Tank” with their joint book, “How to Catch a Shark.”  Karen shares with us her tragic story of being hit by a drunk driver and how that turned into Fulfill Your Destiny and the book Plaintiff 101 which is now an Amazon #1 Best Seller.  The non-profit organization works to help others affected by sudden tragic accidents and has also launched her into the business of speaking and presenting.  She also shares with us how the effects of the accident led to her honorable discharge from the USAF and into the world of non-profits.  Tara, who shares with us a similar story of being hit by a drunk driver, became inspired to get involved with the book launch because of that and also talks about some of the basics of book publishing, launching and promotions.  Find the book online at and for all business owners out there, get a book published, it makes a huge difference in business and your credibility – visit www.richterpublishing for more information on Tara’s publishing services and have your book out in as little as 4 weeks!

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