Branding Your Business Through a Mobile Application with Popkorn Apps! #ThatBusinessShow – Featuring Brian Kornfeld, Jerri Menaul, and Kate Gausche

Are you a business owner in the Tampa Bay area?  If you are, we invite you to apply for membership in Tampa Bay’s Premier Business Society, TBBO, the Tampa Bay Business Owners.  You can apply via this link and the investment is just $595 for the year or $59/monthly (one-time $250 startup fee) and includes many benefits outlined here .   Also as a promotion to prior radio show guests, if you join our business organization, you will be re-booked onto the program with the right to bring a guest of your choice to join alongside you.  This is a great perk for an existing client or you can use it to get your foot in the door with someone you are trying to establish business with by offering them something of value.  Many other benefits included on top of this so act today!!

In the 7am hour today, we welcomed Regular Contributor Brian Kornfeld to the program.  Brian is the Founder of PopKorn Apps where he works to design apps at a fraction of the cost of the typical app designer.  Brian has a background in aerospace engineering and utilizes his extensive knowledge of systems and processes to design apps efficiently, thus reducing the time and cost to market versus his competitors.  We touched on the RhiKnow App he developed last year that works as a social network to get recommendations from just your friend/peer network on places to eat, travel and more; think of it as Yelp with just recommendations from people you know and trust.  This app can be found on iOS and Android operating systems free of charge too.  Brian also elaborates on some of his other creations including Cheap Buzz which is a great way for college students to hear about deals at local bars.  CheepBuzz allows for bars to post any special and have the users sort through and see what they might like.  Users can even get better specials by using the “Chick-In” function, which will only work while they are at a given bar during the time of the deal.   We also heard about Eazy Menu which is a new and innovative way to help you pick your best option to eat at a large number of restaurants.  EazyMenu takes your dietary preferences and restrictions to help comb through large menus while helping you easily read in a dark restaurant, saving you time and stress.  There have been many app success stories in the news lately including PikMyKid which we highlighted last year just after launch and today is in discussion with Microsoft on a deal.  With the move from desktop to mobile, apps are in high demand, you just need an idea to get started.  Brian invites you out for a discussion free of charge – give him a call at 727-415-6705 and visit him online at!

In the 8am hour, we spoke with the duo of Jerri Menaul and Kate Gausche. For over 20 years Jerri has been helping businesses and homeowners surround themselves with artwork that makes their heart happy and companies to communicate their brand. Jerri and her husband, Scott moved to the Tampa Bay area from Boston in 2003 to be in a ‘kinder, gentler place’ to raise their children. Scott has a great reputation in the art community as a surrealistic abstract artist. Their gallery / production facility in Clearwater – now affectionately known as My Favorite Art Place is a tremendous resource for artists, designers and photographers worldwide.  Kate has been an artist for years creating beautiful custom pieces for home and commercial decor. Her specialty is digital art and as a fine art printer.  When Kate moved to the Tampa Bay area from south of Atlanta six years ago and was looking for a team to connect with, it was fortuitous that they met.  They had the same equipment, they did the same types of projects and they served similar markets. Kate’s gallery in Georgia was more decor and home accessories – Jerri’s gallery in Tampa more served the reseller market – but essentially it was a great match.  Kate’s creations centers around the use of metal and are highly creative and we discuss several of her creations through this hour.  Jerri also talks with us about some of the services they offer at My Favorite Art Place which includes historical work, for example they had a guy who brought in his 1964 AP b/w photo from Vietnam and asked them to colorize it. They take extreme pride in being historically accurate and researched everything from the colors of the trees that time of year to the colors on the tops of each canisters on his belt to make sure the retouched photo was color accurate.  We also touched on their corporate work which included working with the Republic National Distributing Corp on word art expressing their values and mission. They created motivational images for the hallway and worked with their corporate marketing team in the creation of artwork showing the timeline of the history of the company.  They are located at 1750 N Hercules Ave in Clearwater and can be reached at 727-726-7411 and found online at and more on Kate at!


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