Embrace Risk and Charge Ahead Featuring Tom Panaggio, Diane Daniels, Larry Harbolt, and Brian Thornton!

Welcome to the start of another week of #ThatBusinessShow. A quick reminder to TBBO members that Tuesday September 20th from 3pm to 5:30pm is our Success Safari at Rustic Steel Creations followed up by a tour of Firehouse #5. Register for that here and if you are not a member, you can attend for $30, again members attend free. All of our events can be found at www.tbbo.org/events! Tickets on sale for the Business Symposium and sponsorships still available. Learn more at www.tbbo.org/symposium

Our first guest today was Tom Panaggio, Strategic Innovation Consultant, accomplished Entrepreneur and author of the book The Risk Advantage which can be found online here . As an entrepreneur and racecar driver, Tom has learned that you cannot avoid risk if you want to be a winner. In The Risk Advantage, Panaggio tells the story of how he and his business partners built two thriving companies: Direct Mail Express and Response Mail Express. The book is designed as a guide for those who are contemplating an entrepreneurial pursuit, are already engaged in building a business, or are currently working for someone else and want to inject their entrepreneurial ideas and attitude. With The Risk Advantage, Panaggio aims to help entrepreneurs face the many situations, predicaments, and crises they’ll encounter during their lives as well as to help them formulate their leadership style and business strategy. On the show, Jamie and Tom share a great discussion on what it means to take risk. Taking risks is an essential part of any business and you cannot fear failure to be an entrepreneur. Tom shares how risks can be minimized but never eliminated and how entrepreneurs must be self-reliant and not fear change, one of the areas that stifle many leaders from growing. “Involve your employees and give them the wheel when it’s time to change”, an excellent tip that Tom shares when dealing with change in companies with staff. As he explains, change affects your staff as it does you so give them the reigns and let them steer the ship while you guide. Tom shares with us his personal entrepreneurial journey in the direct mail business and how he learned to trust his gut when it came to decision making and how you can too! Learn more at www.theriskadvantage.com!

Our 7:30 guest was Diane Daniels, host of Weight Loss Nation, a podcast she launched this past April. Since childhood, she has struggled with maintaining a healthy weight.  Being unsuccessful with so many different weight loss programs, Diane decided to find the answer to achieving long term weight loss on her own. The result is Weight Loss Nation; a remarkable solution to a very real problem. Weight Loss Nation is different from any other weight loss program, because support is the #1 priority. She talks with Jamie about season #1 which saw many fitness and weight loss experts join the discussion and how she lost 30 pounds by changing her habits and diet to be in line with her goal to be thin once again! Her strategy has been to lay off of carbs while eating “real foods” as she puts it. Nothing from the convenience stores or in a box she says. Her new season launches October 15th and Season 2 will not be a contest format with her weight loss participants. The new season will feature a group / collaboration style weight loss challenge based on feedback she got from her season one participants who competed in a winner take all challenge. You can find the podcast on Stitcher and iTunes as well as on www.theweightlossnation.com and she is taking applicants now to participate in this season’s weight loss challenge!

At 8am, we welcomed TBBO member 001 and returning guest to the program, Larry Harbolt. Larry is an Expert Real Estate investor that deals primarily in non-traditional techniques that mostly rely on seller financing. He is a popular national real estate speaker and teacher whose time-tested strategies and nuts and bolts teaching style has helped thousands aspiring real estate entrepreneurs realize their financial dreams with little or no money and without the need for credit. He is one of only two real estate teachers whose works have ever been inducted into the Library of Congress. Larry talks about his career in Real Estate which did not begin at a young age. He worked as a blue collar work in pipe fitting and plumbing before finding the world of real estate investing later in life. He shares the story of that first deal on this segment. He invested in a 3 unit asset that the bank wanted $60,000 for along with needing $8000 in repairs. By investing no money, he was able to use a Land Contract to take control of the asset, repair it, and cash flow the asset which led to his making money in the world of seller financed real estate. Larry has many techniques that work and has a regular meet up group in Pinellas County on Mondays at 7:30 (call 727-420-4810 for more information) where he and a group of seasoned investors meet to discuss investment opportunities. He has been running the group for 17 years and holds them even on Holidays! Learn more at www.larryharbolt.com!

Our 8:30 guest was Brian Thornton, President and Founder of ISG (Insurance Services Group). ISG is a premium audit firm which focuses mostly on worker’s compensation premiums. His firm’s clients are the carriers and he works to ensure policy premiums are fair and accurate to protect both the carrier and the policyholder. Since 1992, Brian has worked in many aspects of the premium audit venue from field auditing to consulting and expert witness services. He has compiled work flow and dispute resolution processes within insurance carrier Premium Audit Departments, and has performed audits on a wide array of policies, from small businesses, to large Professional Employer Organizations (PEO’s), to companies such as national cellular service providers, professional sports franchises, large airlines, and large construction and manufacturing companies. Brian formed ISG in 2007 with a focus on providing insurance carriers a premium audit outlet with a higher level of expertise and service than what the market had to offer. Since 2007, Brian has used his subject matter expertise and industry background to assemble a high performance staff of the best premium auditors in the industry. His vision that a Premium Audit fee company could operate on par with many of the insurance carrier audit departments has been a change from the status quo that was long overdue. Brian and Jamie discuss this little known business and also touch on the issue of worker’s comp fraud which is a huge problem in Florida and how he works to combat it. Learn more at www.isg-se.com or give him a call today if you are an insurance carrier in need of audit services for your policy premiums at 727-456-0022!

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