The Scoop on The Upcoming 2016 Biz Expo! #ThatBusinessShow – Featuring Stephanie Hyman, Matt Ashwood, Laura Santiago, and Mike Stram

#ThatBusinessShow invites you to to learn how to become a part of the show and of Tampa Bay Business Owners.  We offer a monthly payment option too for $59/month and a one time activation fee of $250.  This will get you on the program too and in front of over 4,000 each show!  If you missed a show, you can find all of them On Demand at and on our YouTube channel at!

In the 7am hour today, we welcomed Stephanie Hyman, Events Coordinator for the South Tampa Chamber of Commerce.  Stephanie is a native Floridian, and a graduate of the University of South Florida. After studying Mass Communications and Hospitality, Stephanie interned at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida. She has been the Events Coordinator at the South Tampa Chamber of Commerce since July 2015, and is a proud graduate of Mayor’s University.  She was in studio alongside Kelly Flannery to talk about the 2016 Biz Expo being held on Thursday September 15th at the Tampa Convention Center.  Tickets are free to South Tampa Chamber members and $10 to the general public but if you use Promo Code BizExpo2016, you can get a free ticket too, just visit to purchase!  The event is being presented by Bright House Networks Business Solutions and will be from 4pm to 7pm.  The event is expected to bring in over 500 attendees and feature a range of exhibitors across many industries.  Attendees will also have the opportunity to participate in an interactive #Hashtag Booth and we discuss what that is on the program as Jamie has never heard of that concept.  There will be many opportunities to win prizes from exhibitors and it will be an afternoon of fun and networking!  Learn more at!

AT 7:30, we talked with social media provider for the show, Matt Ashwood.  Matt is an expert in all things social media and is responsible for much of the content that is posted during the live show.  From short video clips at to Instagram stories and tweets, Matt holds it down during the live show!  He shares with us 4 tips on how to maximize Facebook advertising.  These include targeting your audience, telling stories, testing the ads and reviewing results.  This structure will help ensure that your ads remain effective and do not become stagnant.  Facebook ads are quickly becoming the online preferred method of digital marketing due to targeted advertising capabilities and ease of use, not to mention all of the users found on the platform.  If you need help with social media, contact Matt today through his site at!

Our 8am guest was Laura Santiago, Founder of Tradent Quality Consulting Services.  Traden was re-launched in 2015 with the goal of assisting aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners in building a successful business. Tradent prides themselves in getting to know their clients to not only be a consultant but also the coaches and cheerleaders to the businesses around the community. Her expertise involves assisting entrepreneurs is developing a plan to become debt free, market proof their business plans and eventually work towards exporting their products and services.  Laura holds a Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) certification, a MA in International Business as well as a BA in Business Administration from the University of Florida.  She and Jamie discuss business related to her homeland of Puerto Rico and also touch on ways small business owners can reduce costs by looking at internal controls within their personal household.  To reach Laura, give her a call at 561-906-2435 or visit where you can also register for her upcoming Webinar on October 11th!

At 8:30, we spoke with Mike Stram, President of Easy Living with Technology.  Mike is an expert in the Home Theater business and not only that but specializes in turning your home into a smart home.  Jamie and Mike share a great discussion on how a car is much more “smart” than our homes these days.  Mike talks about the days of outhouses and how builders had to be educated in those days to begin designing houses to include space for a “water closet” which evolved into the traditional bathroom.  To the same degree, he is working to educate builders and homeowners to work in plans for a “technology closet” where all things electronic are housed.  He even owns a trademark on the term technology closet.  Mike and his company are distributors for LumaStream’s start of the art LED lighting systems (Eric Higgs, Owner and past guest of the program) and he discusses how much cost can be saved through an investment in these products over traditional lighting solutions.  From keyless entry and motorized blinds to security systems and home theaters, Mike and his team can help turn your home into a smart home.  They have a showroom available by appointment only and they are open from 9am to 6pm Mon through Fri and you can find out more online at!

Thank you again to our all listeners, viewers, sponsors, and guests as well as staff and producers.  Please help support the show – you can do that by joining TBBO here, by becoming a sponsor of TBBO here  or by supporting the Business Symposium through ticket purchases found here .  We also offer advertising options that are radio centric too, you just have to reach out and talk to us.  Jamie has thousands of connections in the business community, get in touch with him today,!


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